It’s hard to wash the face of a newborn, because most babies don’t like washing their faces. Some babies cry every time they wash their faces, which makes moms very distressed. Next, let’s talk about the baby’s face washing and howling. Let’s see the mothers show their powers!

Each shows his powers

Hao Hao’s mother: when Hao Hao is in a good mood, do it by himself. When he is in a bad mood, I will wash him. I don’t have any skills, just to tell him that his face is dirty and not good-looking, like a kitten, children don’t like to play with him.

Wei Aixin: also try to take a towel and let him wash himself. The child will be interested in it. Don’t tell the kid to wash his face, just say, baby, shall we play with water? Give full play to your imagination~~

Huangyc_: first of all, you need to buy a pure cotton towel, and help the baby gently scrub every time, so that the baby doesn’t feel too much friction. It’s important to use warm water every time

Tqjh0809: my Shuobo is one and a half years old. I do a good job in this respect. Every time I wash my face, I encourage my children to “wash white, and then apply fragrance”. Every time Shuobo starts to say “wipe” at the beginning of washing, it seems that children love stink too. When I put perfume on him, people also put a little finger on his face, and after wiping, he runs to everyone to let others smell him.

Mom: my calf has been washing his face, hands and feet for seven months. Maybe he is used to it. At night, if he washes his face and hands, he will kick his feet all the time, as if he knows to wash his feet. I used to cry, and then I’ll talk to him all the time. I’m going to wash my face, my hands and my feet

874961130: every time I dip my hand in the water and stroke her face rhythmically, I say in my mouth that I have made up the wash white. With the expression, I wash it and say it, and my baby giggles. After washing it, I still wait for the wash. It doesn’t take much to get used to it after a long time.

Mylwheducati: my baby screamed as soon as he saw me wipe his face with a towel before he was three years old. I forced him to wipe it every time. But when I was three years old, I found that he liked to do things by himself and didn’t let adults interfere. So I urged him to brush his teeth and wash his face every morning and night, and let him do it by himself. He was willing to wash it more cleanly. So I think you can try to let him wash it by himself and praise him after washing it. You can always tell stories or meet other children about hygiene, which will change slowly.

Cjy375: my baby likes me to wash his face, but doesn’t like his grandparents to wash his face. Later, I found that it’s still a problem of methods. When washing his face, the towel should be at the right temperature, just like the way of the beauty salon. When pressing gently on his face with a wet towel, he will feel like playing games. After washing, he still has to stretch his neck and face up, hum and let him wipe. Sometimes he holds the towel with his small hand Let go, put it on your face.

Point mother’s argument

Turn face washing into a game

Diandian’s baby is just two and a half years old, and has also experienced the annoying process of “crying as soon as you wash your face”. Point mom’s experience is: appropriate water temperature, soft towels are important to let the baby wash his face smoothly. At the same time point mother’s advice, through the game to remove the child’s fear of face washing.

First, find a child’s favorite toy. Every morning, pick up the toy and wash the doll’s face with the child. When washing, add some self-made rhymes. Also ask the doll, “ah, how beautiful the doll is! Do dolls like washing their faces At this time, children often say to themselves the reasons why they don’t like to wash their faces: the towel is too hard, the water will go into their eyes, they can’t see, and so on. Mom should pay attention to and correct these.

It doesn’t matter if the child doesn’t say it. Continue to play face washing with the child. Slowly can be extended to the family, such as washing face with Dad, will also make the process interesting! Let children see, and warmly invite children to participate in, turn face washing into an interesting game, children will love face washing. However, this method may be more suitable for full-time mothers. Who has the leisure to play games with little hair in the morning?!

Warm words and patience

In fact, there are many reasons why babies don’t like washing their faces. For example, when they first wash their faces, they get hurt, they are afraid of water, and the water temperature is not good, so they don’t like washing. What’s more, when they want to play, it’s a little difficult for them to wash their faces. In fact, they should start with their baby’s hobbies. For example, girls love cleaning and beauty, so they say to their babies: washing is very beautiful , everyone likes it. So do the kindergarten teachers. Don’t you think that the baby listens to the teacher in school? Just say that the teacher likes the girls.

Manbao is a bit naughty and not so obedient, but he likes to coax and wash at the same time, which makes him feel that his mother is here, and the water is nothing terrible.

Summary: in fact, as long as you change the way you wash your baby’s face, you can easily solve the problem that your baby doesn’t like washing his face. You may as well try several general methods to summarize the baby’s favorite way. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!