In summer, when the weather is hot, the sweat secreted by the human body will increase relatively. The skin feels sticky. After washing with water, it feels better. However, the baby bath is not so casual, summer baby bath time should not be too long, timely replenishment of water is very important.

Pay attention to the following points when bathing children:

1. Pay attention to the water temperature: when bathing for children, pay attention to the room temperature and water temperature. The cuticle of children’s skin is soft and thin, with rich and sensitive blood vessels. When bathing, the water temperature should be 25-35 ℃. For adults, it’s better to stretch the elbow into the water for a try without cold or hot. Add hot water to the baby in the bath to keep the water temperature basically constant. When adding hot water, hold the baby first to avoid scalding.

2. Suitable bath agent: there is a layer of sebum on the surface of children’s skin, which plays an important role in keeping warm, preventing infection and external stimulation, which can not be replaced by any refined oil. If you use a strong irritant shower gel or soap to scrub the body, it will remove this layer of sebum and reduce the defense ability. Long term use may also cause children to become skin sensitive when they grow up. Therefore, it is necessary to use the shampoo and bath fluid specially designed for children with low stimulation for bathing, such as the yellow duck propolis enzyme bath agent. Due to the low stimulation, it can wash hair and face at the same time and complete the whole body at one time. After bathing, rinse and dry with clear water. The fresh fragrance can make children feel comfortable.

3. The time should not be too long: if children are allowed to soak in water for a long time, especially for children with dry skin, the skin is prone to dehydration, which will aggravate the skin dryness. At the same time, too long time will make the skin’s outermost cuticle absorb water and become soft, reducing the skin’s resistance. Even if the child likes playing with water, it’s better not to allow him to take a bath for more than 10 minutes.

4. Replenish water in time: after the child takes a bath, it is better to drink about 50ml of water for the child after 5-10 minutes. For the child, bathing is a “big sport”, so it is necessary to replenish water in time.

Editor’s note: don’t give your baby a cold bath if it’s hot. Although some people think that taking a cold bath can exercise and strengthen the body, for babies with poor resistance and high body sensitivity, cold bath can be avoided or avoided.