For many novice Baoma, washing the baby’s face is a tough job! So there will be such a question as this: is in the bath by the way to wipe a face? Or professional facial cleaning? Now that you have asked sincerely, Xiaobian will come to popularize science for you today. The best way to wash baby’s face is for novice Baoma to see!

Four parts of baby’s face washing

Step 1. Wash your eyes with a towel or cotton ball

Soak a soft towel or two clean cotton balls in warm water. Gently wipe the baby’s eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, and note that the towel must be pure cotton soft, and it is only used to clean the baby’s skin, not mixed or multi-purpose. The mother should pay attention to the light action and finish it in one step instead of repeatedly wiping, which will not only hurt the child’s skin, but also may leave the hair of towel and cotton swab in the baby’s eyes, causing discomfort.

The second step is to clean other organs of the face

The baby’s face needs to be washed with a warm, damp towel. The mother must avoid using soap. Unless the doctor suggests using it to treat the baby’s acne or other skin conditions, it is OK to wash the face with warm water in general. The soap with too strong alkaline may stimulate the baby’s skin instead. Mother can use towel to wipe baby’s forehead, nose, cheek and chin gently. If there’s something dry sticking to your eyes, nose or mouth, tap the area with a towel to soften it, and then wipe it off gently, rather than forcefully.

The third step, ear cleaning method

It is difficult to clean the ears. Cleaning the baby’s ears is mainly to wipe the outer part of the ears with a towel. It’s important for mothers to remember that never insert fingers, cotton sticks or anything else into their baby’s ear canal to remove the earwax, which may cause the earwax to block or damage the baby’s eardrum. Simply wipe the outer part of the ear. When you need to remove earwax, you can find a professional pediatrician to help.

Step 4. Clean chin and neck

Gently lift your baby’s chin with your hand, and gently scrub your neck with a warm towel with your other hand. This area often gets dirty, babies drool, spit and eat things will make the skin dirty, if not cleaned regularly, the skin will become wrinkled and dry.

Every organ on the baby’s face should be cleaned well, including the baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears, chin and neck. And must use the correct method to clean, so as to ensure that the baby’s skin can be healthy. Mom and dad should also pay attention to that they must not use wipes to clean the baby. Wipes contain chemicals that can harm the baby.

&It’s a technical job to wash the baby’s face. Mothers pay more attention to it at the turn of autumn and winter. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you