According to a survey released by the world alliance for child safety, more than 2000 children are accidentally injured every day, of which 44.5% are from home. In fact, there are many hidden dangers in the safest home, because there are some unexpected and even neglected risks in the home. Don’t take these hidden dangers lightly!

What are the dangers around children?

1. Because the baby is easy to move and often runs around the house, the parents should pay attention not to put hot water in the living room, or hold the newly boiled water in their hands when holding the baby, otherwise the child may be scalded; also pay attention to the temperature of the water for bathing the baby should be lower than 49 ℃, to avoid the child from being scalded; household appliances such as electric water heaters should be placed in a comparative way High place, do not let the baby touch.

2. Parents should pay attention not to put some packing materials or bags with seams on the crib. If these things accidentally block the children’s mouth and nose, it will cause suffocation of the children. Don’t let the baby load the middle of the parents to sleep, and don’t let some dangerous goods and sundries put in the place where the baby can contact, so as to avoid the possibility of suffocation of the baby.

3. Some children learn to open the door and drawer. At this time, parents should pay attention not to put some unsafe tools in the room or drawer, such as scissors, knives, and babies will play with them because of curiosity. This is very dangerous. Medicines and mother’s cosmetics should not be put in the drawer, and it’s better to put them in the place where the baby can’t get them, so as to avoid that the child will take them as food or hair Make something unsafe.

4. When parents bathe their children, they can’t leave the baby. If there is anything in the way, they should take the baby with them. Don’t leave the baby alone in the bathroom. Don’t let the baby stand in the basin. It is likely that the baby will slide into the water by himself accidentally. The time of drowning is very short. Therefore, parents must pay close attention to it.

In a word, the details you neglect may be a great threat to children’s safety! Remember, the home is not a safe, the child is no small matter, if parents’ safety awareness is weak, the child may also be injured at home! If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.