In the season of worry, the daily work of the baby has become a problem. For many new parents, bathing the baby in winter is a great challenge. But the baby bathes these four parts easy to hide the dirt, parents need to pay attention.

Important parts to take care of when bathing your baby


Ears are easy to ignore when we bathe, especially in the back of the ear, where there is no air, where sweat can easily breed bacteria. At the same time, the outer ear canal should be carefully cleaned with cotton swabs.


The baby’s saliva will flow through the chin. At the same time, the baby will also have soup flowing through the chin when eating soup. When the neck sweats a lot, it is easy to stick to the chin, which is easy to cause prickly heat or eczema. Therefore, the baby should wash the chin specially when bathing.

Thigh root, armpit

These two parts are generally concealed and airtight, and bacteria in sweat are easy to grow here; and when bacteria grow in humid environment, it will lead to skin adhesion and itching, and special attention should be paid to cleaning, otherwise the baby will easily lead to infection after grasping by hand.

Vulva, anus

Especially for girls, cleaning is very important. Because there are often secretions and many bacteria in these parts, it’s better to wash them carefully after defecation and taking a bath.

Foot seam

For children who just learned to walk, they are very happy and like to walk around; but their little feet have small toe seams, and they wear socks and shoes for a long time, so there will be a lot of dirt and bacteria in the toe seams, so don’t neglect the baby’s little feet when bathing.

In addition, the baby’s navel, wrist joint and skin fold are also easy to accumulate dirt and bacteria, which can not be ignored.

&Small make up remind, do not use bath liquid every time wash, because bath liquid is alkaline, often use to make skin dry, itchy, use once every other day. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you