Electronic technology equipment has filled our lives. We rely on electronic screens. Children are no exception. IPads, iPods and smart phones have become new toys for young children. With the launch of educational applications, children are using electronic equipment in a fair way. And Xiaobian then came to the last parents’ class, the harm of children’s excessive dependence on electronic products.

1. Limited promotion of electronic products to children’s intellectual development

In fact, electronic products are not as many parents expect, will greatly promote children’s intellectual development. On the contrary, it will reduce children’s active thinking ability and creativity. Children will not only know and understand things through their senses, but also develop their own thinking in the action of contacting with things. For example, in real life, children’s sense of space and imagination will be greatly improved by constantly building and dismantling real building blocks. But the promotion of building virtual building blocks to these abilities is much smaller. In addition, compared with real social activities, video games limit children’s thinking to a specific mode, which is not conducive to the development of children’s active thinking ability and creativity.

2. Electronic products can make children’s attention difficult to focus

According to a survey, about 67% of children who play electronic products for more than two hours a day have difficulty concentrating. Psychologists point out that this may be because video games and TV programs stimulate children’s senses so much that they can’t focus on the real world for a long time. It is also speculated that because the rhythm of children’s TV programs changes too fast, the children’s attention changes very quickly, so it hurts the children’s ability to focus on learning such unattractive things.

3. Electronic products will hinder the development of children’s social ability

Dependence on electronic products reduces children’s access to others. Contact with others, especially the traditional game among peers, is the most important way for children to improve their social ability. In addition, electronic products are not conducive to the emotional intelligence education that parents attach great importance to nowadays. Psychologists believe that children, through observing other people’s face changes, constantly perceive and understand other people’s emotions in the process of getting other people’s information feedback, so as to form good communication and promote friendly relations. The characters in electronic products are mostly virtual characters with single expression. Even if there are real characters, they will not give timely and effective feedback to children, which hinders the development of children’s Eq.

4. Electronic products are not conducive to children’s active exploration of life

When children rely on electronic products and have nothing to do, they will seek the company of electronic products instead of actively thinking, exploring or creating other activities. For a long time, children are inert to life and do not like to think actively. After school life is becoming more and more single, becoming a potential “house man” and “house woman”. Moreover, this kind of inertia will also lead to children’s difficulty in arousing strong interest in other activities, resulting in the problem of passive learning, which makes children mediocre and difficult to achieve excellence.

Parents should take their children into society and nature

Therefore, parents should control their children’s playing time of electronic products. Compared with electronic products that seem to be full of variety, parents should spend more time to take their children into nature and society, so that they can find fun and grow up healthily and comprehensively in contact with people and things.

After going home from work, parents should put aside their mobile phones and play with their children. This is an ideal way to stop their children’s electronic addiction. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!