As the baby grows up day by day, Ta needs more and more nutrition. After preparing delicious food for the baby, parents need to use tableware to contain these delicious food. However, parents often forget to disinfect, which leads to babies often get sick.

The key to prevent dysentery in children is to prevent the disease from entering the mouth.

Some mothers mistook diarrhea for enteritis. The difference between diarrhea and enteritis is that the baby with enteritis has no purulent stool, and diarrhea is especially severe. It can reach seven or eight times a day, most of which are accompanied by high temperature.

Remind, summer mother care baby must be very careful, especially diet. This season to eat fruit for your baby, be sure to soak in salt water for two or three minutes, then wash it and then give it to your baby.

There are also tableware for babies. Some mothers think it’s OK to clean the tableware for babies. Some mothers think it’s only necessary to disinfect tableware once every three or five days. Generally speaking, the tableware used by the baby should be sterilized twice. It should be noted that when some parents use the sterilized baby tableware, they will turn on the tap and wash it again. Fu Xiaoqing said that 90% of the adult’s bowls are washed by turning on the tap. That’s because the adult has resistance, but the baby doesn’t have it. When the baby’s tableware is sterilized and then washed by running water, it means there is no sterilization.

Remind that if the baby has severe diarrhea, the parents had better take the child to the hospital for examination in time. They can do a routine stool examination. If they are diagnosed with dysentery, they can take medicine orally. If they don’t see the doctor in time, the baby’s dysentery will become more and more severe, and finally dehydration may occur.

Therefore, we say that the key to prevent children’s dysentery is to disinfect tableware often! If you want to learn more about how to disinfect children’s tableware online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. More knowledge is more care for the baby.