Watching TV is different from reading, the latter can promote development and improve children’s analytical thinking ability. And watching TV is a kind of passive acceptance behavior, which will hinder children to experience the real world and limit their imagination. In addition, the longer the baby watches TV every day, the more “aftereffects”.

The longer you watch TV, the more “aftereffects”

According to the report of American Academy of Pediatrics, when parents turn on the TV and watch a few times with their children in the gap, it means that children can watch TV passively, which reduces the time of interaction between parents and children, impairs the development of children’s language ability and makes it more difficult for them to adapt to school life in the future. “Parents watching their favorite TV programs constitute a background environment for their children,” the Daily Mail reported Friday, citing the report. The program attracts parents and reduces parent-child interaction, which may affect children’s learning of various skills from play. Researchers in Canada and the United States have previously found that young children’s TV watching time affects their later academic, social and health status, and the longer they watch TV, the more “future problems” they suffer.

How long can a baby watch TV every day?

So, can’t the baby watch TV? Education experts agree that watching TV properly can stimulate children’s vision, hearing and language development, but 20 minutes is the most appropriate time. One hour before going to bed, children should be forbidden to watch TV. From the age of one and a half, it is the sensitive period of children’s language development. In the education of children, parents and children interact, read books and listen to stories, each way is better than watching TV.

What kind of programs can babies watch?

If the baby wants to watch TV, he can watch educational TV programs without violence every day. Advertisements and all kinds of cartoons can be watched a little, but some TV plays full of violence and horror are better not to watch. When watching TV, parents should be able to accompany them and explain to their children what is good and what is not, what children should do after watching and so on.

Baibai safety net suggests that for babies between 18 and 24 months old, if they watch electronic videos, it’s better for parents to guide them. Parents should try to choose educational and high-quality programs, accompany them, and explain the contents of the videos to them, so as to help them integrate the contents of the videos with the reality. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!