Childhood is a carefree and whimsical period for children. For the healthy growth and comfortable living of children, when parents arrange rooms for children, they will also pay special attention. How can the arrangement of children’s rooms be ordinary? Here is a way for parents to teach you how to create a warm and comfortable nest for children.

The most important thing for children’s room decoration is health and safety

Safety standard: parents should have environmental protection awareness. When selecting children’s furniture, they should pay attention to the material and whether the furniture has the national environmental protection certification. For example, for children’s bed, it is recommended to use solid and environmentally friendly wood bed, and pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly water-based paint for painting on solid wood. When arranging the children’s room, try to add a cover or safety plug on the plug-in board to prevent children from touching it with their hands.

Health standard: in terms of preventing injury and scald, it is recommended to use LED lights without high temperature and without shattering in children’s rooms. Irrationality of children’s room lighting is one of the culprits of high incidence of myopia. According to the world’s authoritative calculation, scientific and healthy space lighting should be kept at 300 lumens per square meter, so parents should pay attention to the scientific lighting layout of children’s room.

Mental standards: focus space, parent-child space, creativity space, security and growth blank are all very important. Because children may have different needs at different stages of growth, their interests, hobbies and aesthetics will change accordingly, and they should be left blank for their growth.

Leave space for children’s growth

According to the designer, children may have different needs and hobbies in different growth stages, and even their aesthetic values will change in each age stage. As a child, the princess dream will be “rejected” by the grown-up children. Therefore, in addition to the basic functional space of 4 square meters, the children’s room should leave at least 2 square meters of growth “blank”.

The basic space is mainly bed, which can add tables and chairs or storage cabinets according to the needs. Besides the basic space, children’s interests can be added. The cultivation of parents can be injected into reading space, parent-child space, storage combination, safety island, privacy space, game space or corresponding interest area. These area modules need to be designed and adjusted conveniently. Each module Blocks can be added or moved.

It is worth noting that children with noisy personality and love sports are more likely to bump, so safety issues must be considered during decoration, such as anti-collision strips are pasted on corners of the room, and cloth balls can be used to replace the leather balls, etc., in a word, accidents should be controlled. If you are good at children’s protective fence, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!