I believe that many new mothers will encounter such a problem, that is, they do not know how to bathe the new baby and are afraid of hurting the baby. Don’t worry. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the steps and precautions for bathing the new baby. After reading this article, you will learn!!

1. Prepare bath supplies

Baby bathtub (or other convenient facilities), one or two towels, cotton swabs (can be used or not), baby bath products, bath towels, clean diapers.

2. Adjust the indoor temperature and water temperature

If it’s cold in the room, turn up the temperature first. The temperature of the bath water is adjusted to 32-35 ℃, and the water depth in the basin is about 5-8 cm.

3. Put the baby into the water

Take off your baby’s clothes and slowly put them into the tub. Pay attention to holding his head and neck with one hand.

4. Protect the baby’s umbilical cord

Before the baby’s umbilical cord falls off, take care not to wet it in the bath.

5. Keep warm

During the whole bathing process, gently lift the water onto the baby to keep him warm and not frozen.

6. Clean the whole body

Use a towel, cotton ball or your hands to gently clean your baby’s face and body. Don’t rub or use too much bath fluid.

7. Wrap the baby

Gently take the baby out of the tub, wrap it in a bath towel and pat it dry. The baby is very slippery when it is wet, so you must hold it firmly.

8. Avoid accidents

In case the baby urinates or pulls just after washing, be sure to change the new diaper for him as soon as possible.

The new baby is worried about bathing. After reading this article, he can do anything! Although the baby can’t speak, they also have emotions. They may have such and such reasons that they don’t want to take a bath and show resistance. In this case, don’t force the baby to take a bath first, and it will be better to wait for him to calm down and then wash. If you need to develop children’s health habits of this knowledge, may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!