Everyone knows that noise is harmful to human health, so parents should keep their babies away from outdoor noise. But have you ever thought of the noise in household appliances. And the noise of home appliances seriously hinders the baby’s physical and mental health, which cannot be ignored!

Household appliance noise should not be ignored

The word “noise” is not new to us, but the harm brought by noise is often ignored by people, especially the negative effect of household appliance noise on baby’s healthy growth, people know little about it. Li Xiaoju, outpatient director of Shenyang children’s Hospital, introduced to the reporter: “the baby has a relatively perfect hearing one month after birth, but because the tympanic membrane, middle ear, inner ear and auditory cells of the baby are very delicate, they are particularly sensitive to noise. Being in a noisy environment for a long time, it is easy to cause hearing fatigue or tympanic membrane damage, making the baby to voice The development of hearing is hindered by the decrease of the difference sensitivity

According to the measurement of relevant departments, the volume of washing machines, refrigerators, hair dryers and electric fans is 40-90 decibels, and the volume of sewing machines, tape recorders and televisions is 50-80 decibels. As long as the above 1-2 kinds of noise are collected, it will exceed the noise standard of 40-50 decibels in residential areas. If infants live in the noise environment of 80-90 decibels for a long time, they will suffer from malnutrition and lack of oxygen in the cochlea, which will lead to hearing loss. In the long run, they will suffer from noise deafness due to excessive tympanic membrane vibration.

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