Recently, the food and drug safety agency of South Korea inspected 30 kinds of baby talcum powder made from talcum powder on the market, and found the banned primary carcinogen asbestos in 12 kinds of products. Although many domestic experts believe that at present in China, “talcum powder caused cases are rare”, let’s see the reasons why infants should be careful with talcum powder, right?

1. It may lead to the absorption of lead in talcum powder, the main component of talcum powder, which contains lead that can not be separated. Lead can not be excreted quickly when it enters the baby’s body. When it accumulates in the human body for a long time, it will harm the nervous system, hematopoietic system and digestive system, and seriously affect the intelligence and physical development of infants.

2. May cause powder absorption talcum powder containing magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, easy to invade the respiratory tract. If inhaled more, invading the bronchi to destroy the ciliated movement of the trachea, it will reduce the defense and easily induce respiratory tract infection.

3. Disadvantageous perspiration discharge talcum powder easy to absorb water, form granular material after absorbing water, cause skin red erosion. If talcum powder pours on the baby’s buttocks, the sweat glands will be blocked after the urine is wet, resulting in redness of friction and even rash. It is suggested that in order to keep your baby’s buttocks dry, you can apply some hip cream or cooked sesame oil. Especially for the newborn with reddening of skin fold or diaper dermatitis, lavender oil or other disinfectant vegetable oil and antibacterial ointment should be applied to the affected area.

4. It may induce ovarian cancer due to the small particles of talcum powder. When the talcum powder is applied to the abdomen, buttocks and inner thighs of girls, the dust is easy to enter the deep vagina through the vulva. If talcum powder also contains asbestos dust with strong carcinogenicity, it is more likely to cause ovarian cancer. For the sake of prudence, young mothers try not to use talcum powder for girls.

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