Most babies are very fond of bathing. When parents are not careful, the baby is easy to be scalded. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the right way for baby to take a bath should be mastered, and post bath care should not be careless.

The bathing time of the newborn baby should not be too long, and 5-10 minutes is the best time, because the temperature regulation ability of the baby is not strong, it is necessary to prevent the water from becoming cold, and to prevent the baby from catching cold, which may cause many diseases.


At this stage, the focus of cleaning is on the parts with more wrinkles, such as armpit, neck, diaper wrapped area and scalp, and the cleaning of vulva can not be ignored. Careful mom and dad may have noticed that: the baby’s neck is usually several layers, which is easy to hide dirt, so it needs to lift the chin to clean; when cleaning the armpit, it needs to lift the arm to clean the wrinkled skin; the baby’s skin between the thighs is often folded together, which is also the most easy to accumulate urine, which needs to be opened when cleaning.

Correct method

The mother first cleans her hands and prepares the big bath towel, clothes and diapers or diapers for the baby to use after bathing.

In order to avoid scalding, put cold water in the bath first, then hot water; then test the water temperature with elbows or wrists, the appropriate water temperature is 37 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, and the best room temperature is about 22 ℃.

Let the baby lie on his back in his mother’s arms. The mother clamps the baby’s body with her left arm, holds the baby’s back head spoon with her left palm, and wipes his eyes with a sterilized cotton ball or swab with her right hand. When wiping, the cotton ball or swab shall be replaced on each side of the nose.

Keep in the same position. Cover your baby’s ears with your left thumb and index finger to prevent the bath water from entering the ear canal. Then clean your hair with a small wet towel.

When the hair is cleaned, put the baby into the bathtub with antiskid belt, and support with left hand and left arm to make the baby feel safe and comfortable. At this time, wash the skin with the right hand with a small wet towel, and the cleaning sequence is: neck, armpit, upper body, lower body, perineum and buttocks. First, put baby bath solution on the skin, and then wash it with water.

When cleaning the baby’s back, you can turn the baby’s body from the mother’s left arm to the right arm, spray water on the back with your left hand, and then gently wash it with bath liquid.

Take the cleaned baby out of the tub, put it on the big bath towel, and dry the body.

After bath nursing

● skin care

Apply lotion (or oil) to wrinkles, neck, armpit, elbow and groin, and apply it all over in dry winter. When sweating in summer, you can put talcum powder on baby’s armpit, groin and other folds. Please note: the mother should protect the baby’s nose and mouth with her hands to prevent the baby from inhaling dust. If it is a female baby, it is recommended not to use talcum powder in the lower part of her body, because it may increase the risk of ovarian disease in adulthood. Children with eczema should apply eczema cream to the eczema area, and children with prickly heat should apply prickly heat powder. Then help the baby pack the diaper and put on the clothes. Look, the baby is clean and beautiful now. Take a good bath, I feel really comfortable!

● eye care

Massage around the baby’s eyes gently with your hand, which is conducive to the development of eye muscles and the unobstructed lacrimal sac tube; if the baby usually has more eye excrement, please ask the doctor to prescribe some eyedrops, and give the baby a drop after the bath to prevent conjunctival inflammation.

● ear, nose and mouth care

It is forbidden to let water flow into the baby’s ears, nose and mouth during bathing. Check whether there is secretion in the ear hole. If there is, remove it gently with a cotton swab and ask the otologist for a detailed examination.

If there is a nasal scab in the nostril that affects breathing or sucking, dip a cotton swab in warm boiled water and wipe it gently. After the dry scab becomes soft, gently massage both sides of the nose wing, and the nasal scab will be discharged automatically.

● umbilical care

The umbilical cord of newborn babies will fall off naturally in 7-10 days. Before falling off, lift the umbilical cord stump and clean the root with 75% alcohol. After the umbilical cord falls off, there will be a little mucus or bloodstain, and 75% alcohol will be used for disinfection until it is dry. If the umbilical cord is handled improperly, it is easy to cause omphalitis.

Some parents are scared when they first bathe their babies. However, if you set aside half an hour first, get everything you need at hand, and try to relax, you may like to bathe your baby. If you want to learn more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!