Bathing your baby is not a simple thing. Many parents don’t know how to bathe their baby. The following safety net will explain the steps and procedures of bathing your baby in detail for you. Mothers who don’t know how to do it will learn soon.

How to bathe a baby:

Bath products: special small bathtub, clean clothes, blanket, bath towel, diaper, baby bath soap.

Preparation before bathing: the mother or assistant should first wash her hands, take off the ring, arrange the replacement clothes, diapers and bags of the newborn according to the order of wearing, pour cold water into the washed bathtub first, then heat the water, the water temperature is 38-39 ℃, it’s appropriate to dip the elbow joint of the adult into the water without scalding, and then take off the baby’s clothes.

Bathing sequence: from top to bottom, wash face, head, neck, upper body and lower body first.

When washing the hair, first take off the baby’s clothes, keep the diapers, and wrap him with a large towel. Use the mother’s left forearm to hold the baby’s back, the left armpit to hold the baby’s legs, the left palm to hold the baby’s head and neck, face up, the left thumb and middle finger from the back of the ear to cover the outer ear crossing forward to prevent water from flowing into the ear canal. Then use your right hand to pour the bath water on your head, and then rub soap or shampoo on your hand and gently wipe it on your baby’s head, then rinse it with water. Finally, take the baby back to your arms and dry his hair with a dry towel.

It’s better to take a bath once a day, before nursing in the morning or sleeping in the evening. The daily bathing frequency can also be slightly adjusted according to the season, the individual situation of the baby and the family conditions. For example, in summer, the sweating baby can wash twice a day. In cold winter, if conditions are limited, it can also wash once in 2-3 days. The bath time of the baby is no more than 10 minutes, 3-4 minutes in the water. As the baby grows up, the bath time can be extended accordingly.

Experts remind: when the baby is naked, it lacks a sense of security. Therefore, when washing the baby’s hair, you can cover it with a towel under the shoulder first. After bathing, you should pay attention to cleaning the baby’s ears with a cotton swab. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!