In the summer vacation, parents can finally get half a cent of their leisure in their children’s studies, but they start to worry: children spend more and more time watching TV and playing with iPad, and are often attracted by the wonderful pictures on TV, mobile phone and iPad. They watch closer and closer together with the screen, which will not only affect their eyesight, but also affect their brain nerves!

Too much pressure on study and psychology

With the development of society, the accelerated pace of life and the development of family to the one-child, parents’ expectation, pressure of study, competition of entering school and complex and changeable social environment bring different degrees of tension, stimulation and psychological pressure to children. According to the survey, the incidence of psychological and behavioral problems of 4-16-year-old children in China is as high as 13.91%. A publicly reported figure is even more shocking: “in recent years, the incidence of mental disorders of some primary and secondary school students in China is on the rise in a straight line, and the rate of only child psychosis in Beijing and Shanghai alone exceeds 50%. Primary and secondary school survey shows that 35% of middle school students have abnormal psychological performance, nearly 30% of primary school students’ psychological quality is in the level of failure, while only 8.2% of them are excellent or good. “

The study found that nearly 50% of children have “playmate crisis”!

According to a social survey conducted among more than 1000 primary school students in Nanjing, almost all children like to have companions to play with themselves; but 46.7% of the children lack playmates and often play alone; usually only 9.7% of parents often play with their children, and only 15.6% of parents can play with their children on holidays. Nearly 50% of children can’t find playmates. This kind of “partner crisis” will have a negative impact on their healthy growth.

At present, most of the families in our country are only child families. In the process of children’s growth, there is a lack of partners. Many parents, for the sake of safety, control or even prohibit children from contacting with the outside world. In the long run, children’s interpersonal skills will inevitably be low, and their mental health will not be optimistic, which is extremely detrimental to their growth. In addition, the lack of playmates makes children more dependent on TV and computer, and medical research has shown that long-time watching TV and computer will cause brain nerve development deformity, which will greatly increase the incidence of tic disorder in children.

Therefore, in order to protect children from the influence of electronic devices, return the quiet world of children and better develop children’s brain, please help children stay away from TV, computers and other devices! Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!