Recently, the temperature has dropped suddenly. Xiaobian shivers in the cold wind every day. To know that the temperature is too low, in addition to catching cold easily, bathing the baby has become a big problem. It may be better for parents in the north to have heating. For babies living in the south, there are more problems to pay attention to when bathing in winter. Today we talk about the sudden drop in temperature, what problems should be considered when bathing your baby in winter!

How to bathe children in winter

Before the baby is ready to take a bath, the mother can turn on the heating to raise the indoor temperature a little, about 26 ~ 28 ℃, or she can choose to come when the indoor temperature is relatively high at noon. More water should be prepared. The water temperature should be controlled at about 38-40 ℃. When washing, the time should not be too long, and the action should be fast. After washing, the water on the skin surface should be dried quickly, especially the water in the skin fold. The baby’s skin is delicate, especially the wrinkled part is prone to erosion or inflammation, so it is not allowed to be careless. After washing, put on clothes immediately to avoid the baby getting cold.

And because the baby’s skin is not yet developed and perfect, the sebaceous glands secrete less, so when the weather is cold, the skin is easy to dry or even chapped, so, moistening is very important. After bathing your baby, you can apply some baby oil or cream to protect your baby’s delicate skin. When smearing, mom can first pour the emollient oil into her palm, then wipe it in her palm and rub it evenly on the baby’s body, wrinkle and small buttocks. If you pour it directly on the baby’s skin, it’s hard to wipe it evenly, and the cold emulsion will pour directly on the baby’s skin, which will also make him very uncomfortable.

Note: if the baby enjoys bathing very much, suddenly one day when he is going to take a bath, he cries and refuses to go into the water. This situation is likely to be a sign that the baby is ill or has been ill. If he takes a hard bath, it is likely to aggravate the development of the disease. In this case, it can be changed to warm water bath.

Warm tip: don’t bathe your baby with alkaline soap in winter, because it’s easy to wash off the sebum. Sebum can protect skin from frostbite or chapped in winter, so for babies whose skin is dry, even baby’s special bath liquid or soap should not be used every day, once a week is enough. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.