In some public places where smoking is forbidden, many smokers puff with electronic cigarettes in their hands, while rightfully claiming that electronic cigarettes have no second-hand smoke, and confidently saying that they are quitting smoking. And the students who suffer the most are primary and secondary school students. How much harm does it do to primary and secondary school students?

The truth of e-cigarettes, how harmful is it to primary and secondary school students?

A person in charge of Xianhu industrial and commercial office in Qingxiu District of Nanning city said that in a recent activity of “safeguarding rights and knowledge into the campus”, some students reported that there were shops selling e-cigarettes around the campus, and some students in the class bought “cigarettes”. Law enforcement officers later seized a batch of e-cigarettes in a shop near a primary school in the area. It can be seen from the seized products that an electronic cigarette named “shisha” is similar to a pen. The body of the cigarette is wrapped by colored paper, without the detailed information of the product. When smoking, the electronic components at the cigarette end will light up red, and produce the same smoke as the real cigarette.

According to law enforcement officials, the seized e-cigarettes are typical “three no” products, which do not have information such as production date, factory name and address, nor the ingredients. These are all fruit flavored e-cigarettes, apple, orange, mint and more than a dozen flavors, each selling for about 15 yuan, more popular with children. It is reported that the current phenomenon of such electronic cigarettes in primary and secondary schools is not unique. Input the keyword “fruit flavor electronic cigarette” on the Internet, you can find that the sales of such electronic cigarettes are hot on the Internet, and there are thousands of sellers’ shops.

Zhang Yong, Secretary General of Nanning Youth Health Service Association, said that curiosity and strong imitation are the main characteristics of minors. The “e-cigarettes” sold around the campus and on the network are equipped with different tastes, and the slogan “no harmful substances” is printed, which will not only attract students to buy, but also encourage their bad habits and induce them to finally smoke real cigarettes.

In addition, the health risks brought by electronic cigarettes can not be ignored. Li Jun, who has been engaged in cigarette production for a long time, said that electronic cigarette is composed of battery, atomizer, cigarette liquid and other components. After being heated, the cigarette liquid will be atomized into smoke to produce smoking effect, while the cigarette liquid contains propylene glycol, fragrance agent and other components, some of which are added with nicotine.

Although the harm of e-cigarettes to the physical and mental health of minors is not small, the current management of related aspects is not perfect, and even there are problems such as regulatory blind area. China’s current relevant regulations do not prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes, and the classification and nature of e-cigarettes are not clear. It is neither a real tobacco product nor a food and drug. There is no specific department to supervise it. The domestic e-cigarette market lacks a unified product standard, safety assessment and supervision system.

In conclusion, compared with ordinary cigarettes, e-cigarettes are not harmless smoking cessation products, and may be more harmful. So for the sake of children’s health, let primary and secondary school students stay away from electronic cigarettes! Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!