The baby can have a happy and moist childhood, all depends on the mother’s careful care. Bathing is sometimes a very interesting thing for a baby. Many mothers are busy with their hands and feet and don’t know how to do it well. It’s the most important thing to think that the baby can take a bath without mistakes.

How to bathe a baby

But people who have been mothers have said that if they want to bathe their babies, there are two things that are most important:

1) no panic. Drink a drink or tea in advance, listen to music, and calm yourself first;

2) make full and careful preparations before bathing to ensure that everything is safe.

Before bathing, make sure you have the following items ready:

*Towel (face towel)

*Soft soap and Baby Shower Gel

* cotton ball

*Bath towel (preferably hooded)

*Medicinal alcohol

* cotton swab

* diapers

*Clean clothes

In addition to the above items, you need to make these preparations——

*Before bathing, make sure that the baby is not hungry, has proper food, is not too full, or has just been fed milk.

*According to the situation of you and your baby, choose the time of the day when both sides are in the most stable state, and it is better to ensure that your baby is in a quiet and awake state.

*Put the large washbasin or baby bathtub for bathing in a safe place where you can move freely, and pay attention to the warmth and ventilation of the room.

*If the baby is only a few months old, it is best to lay a large towel at the bottom of the bath or tub to prevent slipping.

*If you are alone at home, please place the phone within reach or simply hang it up without ring interference. Never leave the room when bathing your baby.

*Test the water temperature. Test it with your wrist. The water temperature should be warm and comfortable.

The following two experiences are very practical, which are very useful for you to eliminate tension:

1. Your hands never leave the baby.

Gently take off the clothes for the baby, hold the baby with both hands, and hold the back with one hand. After putting the baby in the bath, make sure your hands are always holding him. As a baby, you can’t control the head well. You have to hold his neck and head, and hold the baby in your hands during the whole bathing process.

2. Talk to the baby or sing him a song.

It may also relax you. Mother’s voice can let baby relax and rest assured, to let baby feel bath is a happy thing!

Wash your head first——

1. Before washing the baby’s hair, wrap the baby’s whole body with towel. In this way, you can hold it steadily and your baby can avoid catching cold.

2. Use a soft towel to clean the baby’s face, one part at a time, from top to bottom, and finally wash the top and hair. A large part of the body’s temperature is emitted from the top of the head, which can avoid getting cold.

3. Wet your baby’s hair with a wet towel, then apply a small amount of baby shower gel on your hand, and gently massage the baby’s head and scalp. The baby’s head has a very soft place, as long as your action is not too hard, it will not hurt the baby

Please note that:

When you apply shampoo to your baby, hold him or her in your arms like a football.

4. Wash gently, and never let soapy water enter the baby’s eyes.

5. After washing the baby’s head, dry it with a towel immediately. If it’s winter, it’s better to wrap the towel around his head to avoid catching cold.

Wash the body——

1. Carefully put the baby into the bath and hold his shoulder with one hand. If the baby starts crying, try to talk to him and make him quiet. If your baby is nervous, try to shorten the bath time.

2. When bathing, put one hand under the baby’s armpit, so as to ensure that the baby’s head is always higher than the water surface and prevent accidents. Wash the baby with the other hand, first the front of the body, then the back.

3. After the bath, gently lift him up and put him on another dry towel to dry him, and then change into clean diapers and clothes.

Children need to be taken care of by adults. After all, they don’t know how to take care of themselves, so we need more patience. If you want to learn more about the health habits children need to cultivate online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. One more knowledge is more care for the baby.