Clean babies are loved by everyone. Their metabolism is fast, and their stool frequency is relatively high. Their small butts are often soaked red. If they don’t wash their skin frequently, they may cause bacterial infection. So parents should pay attention to bathing the baby in time. However, the weather turns cold, many times the baby can not take a bath, this is not a joke!

Baby shower notes:

1. After the baby is full

After the baby has enough food and drink, the stomach expands and bulges. If you take a bath immediately, it is easy to cause the baby to vomit. In addition, when bathing, the skin is stimulated by hot water, and the capillaries open, which results in the acceleration of blood flow rate and the inability to supply blood to the digestive system, leading to dyspepsia.

2. Total vomiting

The baby always vomits to the baby, proving that the baby’s gastrointestinal tract is not comfortable recently, so don’t wash the body for the baby, just change the dirty clothes, and wash it after the baby is well. Because when the baby takes a bath, it needs to move the baby, which will aggravate the shaking motion of his gastrointestinal tract, may be more uncomfortable, and may aggravate vomiting.

3. After injection

Many doctors will remind parents that they don’t need to take a bath today after giving the baby a preventive injection. This is to be afraid that the small pinholes on the baby’s skin will be infected in the bath, not afraid of ten thousand just in case.

4. After skin injury

If the baby falls down and breaks his skin, it is easy to cause infection if he is contaminated with water at this time. Either wait for the baby to recover before cleaning, or avoid the injured position and clean other parts of the body.

5. Cold and fever

When a baby has a cold or illness, especially a fever, some parents will feel that bathing can play a role in physical cooling. But the baby’s body resistance is weak. If you don’t pay attention to it in the bath, it is likely to aggravate the baby’s condition. After all, the pores are all open in the bath, and the alternation of heat and cold is even more terrible. So if the baby is hot and sweating a lot, you can dry it with a towel.

6. When the baby is unhappy

Some babies especially like to take a bath, because they can play with water, while some babies take a bath depending on their mood. When the baby is not happy, don’t force others to take a bath. Wait for the baby to be in a better mood. Because if the baby is more emotional, always crying, in case of choking water? Or the baby to take a bath resistance, is not so, otherwise will let the baby more and more disgusted with taking a bath.

It is the expectation of every parent that the baby is healthy and intelligent, and bathing plays an important role in it. Only by mastering these safety knowledge can we avoid baby’s bath injury. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.