Adults bathe in winter and take off their clothes in the most difficult process. If the baby is less resistant and the mother bathes slowly, it is more likely to suffer from freezing. Therefore, the weather turns cold, the baby bathes to prevent the cold to know these tips!

1. Goods are ready

First, prepare everything: bath towel, warm lamp, towel, clothes, bath liquid, etc. The door should be closed properly, and the switch cannot be opened or closed in the middle. The key to wash it quickly is never to blow it, especially in strong wind, otherwise you will definitely catch cold.

2. Use the heater

First, use the heater to raise the temperature of the bathroom, put the water in place (hot), prepare the clothes to be changed, a large bath towel, and a small towel (for drying). Wait for the temperature in the bathroom to rise, then go in and wash

3. Artificial steam with boiled water

Prepare 4 bottles of boiling water before bathing (depending on the size of the tub). When preparing for bathing, pour all the boiling water into the tub, so that the whole bathroom will be filled with mist and become very warm. And the heater is still on. My PP basically uses this method.

4. Adults wash their babies before washing them

We are like this. Adults wash first. When the shower is hot, turn on the light of Yuba to warm up. Turn on for 15 or 20 minutes. Put hot water in the bath, the temperature is a little higher than usual, then turn off the light of Yuba and keep the wind on. Put the baby into the water and let her enjoy it

5. Warm up before bathing

Prepare to take a bath half an hour after the baby finishes eating. Play with her for a while before taking a bath, because she is warm.

6. Heater beside the bath

Before bathing, measure the water temperature, put a heater next to the baby’s bath basin to increase the temperature of the surrounding environment, then quickly take off the baby’s clothes, help the baby to wash and then put on clothes later. Before putting on clothes, put the clothes beside the heater to heat up.

I will put the heater in the bathroom to warm up, turn on the heating and cooling of the air conditioner in the room, and put the baby’s big towel and the clean clothes to be changed into the dryer for a little drying. Then you can bathe the baby.

8. Keep the temperature of heating water

Bath water can not be a basin of water from the beginning to the end, in the middle of the heating water, can not be ten white trouble. In winter, water cooling is fast, and the baby will be scalded with too hot water at the beginning, but if the water temperature is just right at the beginning, half of the water will be cold after washing. Only adding hot water twice in the middle can ensure the baby’s bath water is always warm.

9. Don’t take too long to bathe

The first step is to wash your hair first: dry your head and then take off your baby’s underwear. Don’t take too long to bathe. After washing, dry your baby, put on baby oil, underwear, diapers and dry bath towel. After entering the room, put on your baby’s coat or directly sleep in the quilt. After a few minutes, drink a bottle of warm boiled water to supplement water for your baby.

10. Wash in the bucket

This method can be used for 5 months and 4 years old babies. First, buy a super large plastic bucket in the supermarket, wash and adjust the hot water, then put the baby in the bucket, and take a toy for the baby to play with at ordinary times, remember to put the water full, because when the water is full and the baby sits down, a lot of water will overflow, and the baby will be very happy to see it! The mother can hold the baby’s small butt with her hand, without letting the baby sit down completely, half Just squat

11. Wait two minutes before leaving the bathroom

After the bath, dry the baby’s body and hair immediately, wrap the baby tightly, open the bathroom door for a little two minutes and then hold the baby out, so as to provide a process for the baby to adapt to the temperature change.

The above is a summary of some small methods, the mother can pay attention to, let the baby take a bath in winter less cold. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!