TV is good and bad for children. It depends on the wisdom of parents how to carefully choose suitable TV programs for children and make TV an auxiliary tool to stimulate children’s thirst for knowledge. This article editor will come to talk with you about this knowledge.

Face up to the positive influence of TV on baby

·The sound and image of TV have the characteristics of synchronization

TV has a strong attraction for babies, because the integration of sound and painting, lifelike, can meet the psychological needs of babies.

·TV has the function of transmitting information

Of course, it’s not good for a baby to watch TV all day, but watching it properly is beneficial to increase his knowledge and broaden his vision.

·TV has the function of entertainment that cannot be ignored

TV programs have become the main tool for people to relieve fatigue and increase the fun of life. For babies, it is no exception. Babies can get physical and mental pleasure from interesting stories or animations. Good TV programs can improve baby’s imitation and expression ability.

How to teach children to watch TV

·Appropriate distance

The closer the fluorescent screen is to the eye, the greater the accommodation of the eye, the easier it is to fatigue, and the longer it takes, the nearsightedness will be formed. Generally, the distance between the TV and the eyes is about 1.5m. At the same time, there is weak light in the room to reduce the strong contrast between the brightness of the fluorescent screen and the surrounding dark background, which is conducive to protecting the baby’s vision.

·Appropriate time

Watching TV for a long time will not only affect the development of vision, but also negatively affect other activities of the baby, such as labor and learning, which is not conducive to the overall development of the baby. It is better to control it within 30 minutes at a time to avoid visual fatigue.

·Select content

Choose the content of the TV program your baby watches. Most babies like watching cartoons, but only watching cartoons will weaken the educational function of TV. Therefore, we should guide babies to choose TV programs from multiple perspectives, such as animal world, discovery and special children’s programs.

Watch TV with your baby

The baby watches TV, and you sit down with him. In “watching with you”, you can not only understand your baby’s Thoughts on TV content, but also let him develop correct concepts and behaviors, and at the same time, promote the communication and interaction between parents and children.

·Learn more about your baby’s Thoughts on TV content

The baby is born to imitate, like to imitate the characters and plots in TV, and has no self distinguishing ability of good and evil. Therefore, you should not forget the important link of communication and discussion with him in the process of accompany, guide the baby to summarize the content of the story and understand the right and wrong concepts.

You can watch some educational cartoons and animal documentaries with your baby, such as journey to the west, seven gourd brothers, snow white and seven dwarfs. In the process of reading, understand the baby’s ideas, such as which character in the favorite story and why? Help the baby to analyze the character characteristics and behavior characteristics, so as to help him better understand the story content.

·Inspire baby to judge and think about TV content

Although the baby is small, he has the basic cognitive judgment ability to many things. You might as well ask him some questions to associate, encourage him to think, inspire his imagination and thinking judgment, correct the baby’s concept at the right time, and guide him correctly in the judgment of people, things and things. For example, when watching children’s good behavior habits such as washing their hands before eating and gargling after eating, you can take the opportunity to ask the baby: do you think this child’s behavior is good? Let the baby make a right or wrong judgment, and guide him to say why he is good, how to do it, and enhance Baobao’s experience.

·Answer baby’s questions about TV content correctly

The baby is curious and inquisitive. After watching some TV programs, he will have doubts and many “why” in his mind. Therefore, for the baby’s questions, we should try to give the correct answer, do not prevaricate and perfunctory.

When watching TV, you may see scenes that you think are taboo, such as kissing or hugging. At this time, you don’t need to deliberately avoid your baby, but pay attention to your attitude and guidance. If the baby asks “why”, you can tell him that it is because they like each other, just like the mother likes the baby, they will kiss and hold the baby. You use the usual tone of voice, the baby will also look at this matter with the usual mind.

·Encourage the interaction between baby and TV programs, improve the ability of hands and brain

A lot of children’s programs interact with babies, such as the manual and small experiment units in the children’s channel “wisdom tree”. Before the end of each program, the audience will be informed of the materials needed for the next program. In this regard, you might as well do some preparatory work with the baby in advance, so that the baby can interact with the host in the next program, while watching and operating, you can give guidance beside. You can also do the extension activities of TV programs, such as drawing a picture with a theme, or sending the answers to a question to the TV station to encourage the baby to participate in the interaction and experience the joy of interaction Written by / Feng Tao (Yiyang Education Research Institute)

All in all, there are advantages and disadvantages in watching TV. The key is to watch parents’ wisdom! For the healthy growth of children, parents should give correct guidance to children watching TV. In order to stimulate children’s desire for knowledge, in the process of watching TV, we should teach and enjoy. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.