A lot of people buy a house for the first time and decorate it as a marriage house, so it’s only a few years away from having children. For families with children or about to have children, some precautions can be considered for children when decorating. So, there are babies at home. Have you done these decoration safety suggestions?

Ms. yuan moved into her new house with a new decoration, and the whole family moved in happily. However, it didn’t last long. Ms. Yuan found that there was something wrong with the family: first, she had herpes zoster, then her 5-year-old son suddenly suffered from “aplastic anemia”. Later, Ms. yuan asked her cousin to come over to help take care of her son. Unexpectedly, her cousin got blood disease after a few days.

Ms. yuan thought for several times that her illness with her family was probably related to her newly decorated house. Therefore, Ms. yuan specially entrusted the quality inspection station to carry out air quality inspection on her house. The test results surprised Ms. yuan: the formaldehyde content in the air of her master bedroom exceeded 5 times, and the benzene content in her son’s small bedroom exceeded 23 times. 5 times. Doctors suspect that the benzene in the small bedroom is the cause of Ms. yuan’s son’s sudden blood disease.

According to the survey results of China Association for standardization and China children’s health care disease prevention and control center, 2.1 million children die of respiratory tract infection caused by decoration pollution every year. The American Journal of epidemiology also pointed out that decoration pollution has tripled the possibility of pregnant women giving birth to children with heart disease, which is closely related to the excessive levels of formaldehyde, benzene, radon, ammonia and other strong carcinogens in newly decorated houses, as well as volatile organic compounds affecting human hematopoietic function.

Can’t seeing these shocking figures arouse parents’ vigilance? For the decoration of the children’s room, it must be simple and environmentally friendly, or it will bring hidden dangers to their health. Ms. yuan’s experience is a lesson.

security policy

1. For the decoration of children’s rooms, materials must be exquisite and reasonable. In order to pursue luxury decoration effect, the method of full wall paper packaging and full wall furniture making is most likely to cause formaldehyde and other pollutants exceeding the standard. Therefore, children’s rooms should be painted by children.

2. The ventilation effect of the room must be ensured. The design of the window should not only be able to ventilate and illuminate, but also ensure the personal safety of the child.

3. The decoration in the room should be simple and not put many decorations. Children love to play, to grab and to bite. Some decorations will have toxic paint, which is easy to be eaten by children.

4. Do not stack too many plush toys in the room to prevent bacteria from breeding between plush.

5. The furniture in the room should avoid sharp corners as much as possible, and try to make or select furniture with arc.

6. Due to the strong activity of children, they should choose more soft and natural home decoration materials. Carpet and log are good choices. Because these materials are durable, easy to repair and not expensive, they can not only create a comfortable sleeping environment, but also make parents have no safety concerns.

7. The choice of children’s room color can’t only use a single black and white. Because different colors can stimulate children’s visual nerve, the best way to match color and space is to choose bright, relaxed and pleasant. But also not too fancy, can not be red and purple, can not use very miscellaneous colors, can not use the same color in a large area, otherwise it will have an impact on the psychological growth of children.

In a word, in order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of accidents, as a parent, we should be very clear about the potential safety hazards in our home, and take active measures to prevent the accidents in advance. If you want to know more about what kind of good information about children’s protective fence, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!