Bathing helps the blood circulation of the body, accelerates the metabolism of mind and spirit, relieves the fatigue of the body, removes the dust, bacteria and other harmful substances on the skin surface, and helps the healthy growth of children. But expectant moms must avoid periods that are not conducive to their babies’ baths, so as not to cause unnecessary harm. What are the specific time periods when babies can’t take a bath? There are four periods when a baby should not bathe!

1. The baby always vomits

Baby always need to turn over when bathing, but this action makes baby’s stomach more uncomfortable and vomiting more serious. If vomit chokes the baby’s windpipe, it’s more dangerous. Mom must be careful.

2. Baby’s skin is damaged

In summer, the baby is prone to prickle and will be bitten by mosquitoes. It is inevitable that the baby can’t help scratching the skin. If the skin is scratched or the baby has other injuries such as pustules, boils and scalds, the mother shouldn’t directly bathe the baby.

If the bath water is not clean, the baby’s fragile skin will be damaged even more seriously, and it is not good to have some infection symptoms.

3. After feeding

Baby just finished milk, the small stomach is still propped up, the stomach is in a state of expansion, need blood supply in time to start digestion. If you bathe your baby immediately, the capillaries on the baby’s body surface will be stimulated and expanded by hot water, and the blood will flow here, so the blood supply to the stomach will be relatively reduced, and the baby will easily suffer from indigestion.

4. Within 48 hours after baby’s fever or fever just subsided

The baby’s fever is just right, and the body’s resistance is still very poor. If you take a bath immediately, the cold is easy to invade again. The baby has fever, and the condition is repeated and more serious. Moreover, when bathing, the pores on the baby’s skin will be in a closed state, the whole body’s capillaries will expand and congest, and other organs of the body will also be short of blood supply, which is prone to accidents.

Therefore, if the baby is hot, the mother should wait 48 hours before bathing the baby.

Although bathing your baby has so many advantages, it’s very important to choose a bath time for your baby. I hope that parents will notice that if you are interested in what kind of knowledge children need to cultivate about their health habits, please go to this safety net to find out the relevant information.