Summer heat, the baby is easy to have prickly heat, a lot of numbness will give the baby frequent bath, help the baby to cool down. In fact, it’s not a simple thing for a baby to take a bath, but there are many advantages for a baby to take a bath. You should know five steps.

● what are the benefits of bathing your baby

1. Clean the skin

The baby’s skin is delicate, secreted and metabolized vigorously. There are many dirt in the wrinkles of the skin, such as the neck, armpit and groin (thigh root). The damaged skin is also easy to cause bacterial infection. Frequent bathing can avoid bacteria invasion and ensure skin health.

2. Promote metabolism

Bathing not only produces benign stimulation to baby’s skin, but also promotes blood circulation of the whole body, which is conducive to metabolism.

3. It is conducive to temperature regulation

The heat conduction ability of water is 30 times higher than that of air, which plays a great role in the gradual maturation of baby’s thermoregulation center. The comprehensive contact of the baby’s skin and water can improve the skin’s tactile ability and perception of temperature and pressure, which is very beneficial to improve the baby’s adaptability to the environment.

● five steps to bathe your baby

Step 1: take off the clothes and diapers for the baby, expose the whole body and wrap the bath towel. Adults gently clamp the baby with their left arm and body, hold the baby’s head with their left hand, and press the auricle forward from the back of the ear with their left thumb and middle finger, so as to fold it backwards to cover the ears and prevent the bath water from entering the ears.

Step 2: wash your face first. Moisten a special face washing towel, wash the baby’s eyes with its two small corners respectively, and gently wipe it from the inside of the corners of the eyes; clean the nose, mouth and face with one side of the towel; clean the other two corners of the towel, respectively, two ears, auricles and behind the ears. Wash the head with a little shampoo, massage the scalp, rinse with water, and then dry with a small towel.

Step 3: after washing the head and face, remove the bath towel, hold the baby’s left arm with the mother’s left hand, and let the baby rest his head on the left arm; wet the baby’s upper body with water, dip the right hand in a little shower gel with the face washing towel, let the baby’s head slightly recline, and then clean the neck, front chest, armpit, abdomen, upper and lower arms, and hands.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the skin wrinkles, then rinse the foam with clean water.

Step 4: dip a little bath solution into the small towel for hip washing to clean the baby’s groin and perineum. Change the right hand to hold the baby’s left arm, let the baby lie on the right arm, wash the back, buttocks, legs, feet.

Step 5: rinse the baby’s whole body with water again, take the baby out of the tub, dry the whole body with a large bath towel, put the baby on the bed or table with clean sheets, cover the quilt, and prepare for post bath care.

The whole bathing time is 5-10 minutes. The bathing time should not be too long to prevent the baby from catching cold due to the decrease of water temperature.

Warm tip: the temperature of the baby’s bath is 26-28 ℃, and the temperature is 40-42 ℃. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!