Spring Festival has arrived, many treasure parents will take their children to the movies. Presumably, many parents will choose the children’s 3D films that are being shown. 3D effect is cool, but there are many hidden dangers for children to watch 3D movies. Parents should not be careless! So, what are the hidden dangers of children watching 3D movies?

3D glasses recycling may spread eye diseases

A 3-year-old girl in Milan, Italy, has eyes inflamed after wearing stereo glasses to watch a movie in a cinema, a consumer group said. The group also said that the 3D glasses used in cinemas are usually not strictly disinfected, which is easy to spread skin and eye diseases, and may even lead to forehead herpes, and there is not enough evidence that they will not affect vision.

Break time for 3D movie

Li Fei, chief ophthalmologist at Peking University Third Affiliated Hospital, said that watching 3D movies for a long time may cause headaches and blurred vision. When watching 3D movies, people’s eyes will constantly adjust to adapt to the content on the screen, so it is very easy to cause visual fatigue. Because children are still in the development stage, the eye structure is more vulnerable than adults, so the possibility of discomfort is greater. Therefore, children should not sit too far ahead when watching 3D movies, and their eyes should rest after watching for some time. Children should also be taught to blink consciously when watching the film to relieve eye fatigue.

The decision issued by Italy’s top health care Commission also pointed out that cinemas should set up rest time when playing 3D movies.

As we all know, watching 3D movies is a lot of fun. However, the babies are still in the development stage, so it is not suitable to watch more 3D movies. Take care to use 3D glasses when watching movies with babies. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!