Nowadays, there are more and more hot mothers. The post-90s are getting married and having babies. Mothers are getting younger and younger, so some knowledge must be mended! Just how to choose baby’s tableware, it’s very particular! However, there are many kinds of tableware for children. Let’s give some advice to parents!

I. porcelain like tableware is the most practical but hard to guarantee

Mom is most at ease: soft texture, smooth as China but very thin, not afraid of falling, not deformation, insulation performance is also very good and not hot.

Mom’s worry: porcelain like tableware is very complicated to make, so it’s easy to adulterate. Many enterprises use the toxic urea formaldehyde molding powder to replace the normal resin raw materials, because the molding powder is much cheaper.

Advice to Mom: the bottom of the regular porcelain like tableware has enterprise details, production license QS logo and number. It also depends on whether the product is evenly colored, deformed and smooth. After buying it, boil it in boiling water for half an hour, dry it and cook it for half an hour, repeat it for four times. If there are white and black spots, they are substandard products.

II. Plastic tableware makes babies love eating more

Mom is most at ease: looks good, can let the baby be more interested in eating, and prevent falling.

Mom’s worry: it’s easy to adhere to oil dirt, hard to clean, easy to get edges and corners after friction, causing insecurity.

Advice to Mom: not suitable for food that needs heat preservation and too oil. The best choice is colorless, transparent or plain. If you want to attract your baby’s attention, you can bring flowers outside the tableware, but not inside. Don’t buy smelly and colorful plastic tableware.

III. stainless steel tableware is suitable for drinking water

Mom is most at ease: good scrubbing, not easy to breed bacteria, less chemical elements, suitable for drinking water.

Mom’s worry: it’s easy to burn hands, and unqualified heavy metal content will harm health. Vegetables with vegetable soup can not be kept for a long time, because vegetable soup often contains acid substances, which will dissolve the nickel and chromium in unqualified stainless steel tableware. These heavy metals will affect the brain and heart health when eaten by the baby.

Suggestions for Mom: stainless steel tableware has three codes of “13-0”, “18-0” and “18-8”. The number in front of the code indicates the chromium content, and the number after the code indicates the nickel content. Chromium is the material that makes the product rust free. Nickel is a corrosion-resistant material. The higher the nickel content, the better the quality. But nickel and chromium are heavy metals, so we must choose products with excellent technology, quality and national standards. Also be careful not to use stainless steel utensils for acidic food.

IV. ceramic and glass tableware are environmentally friendly, healthy and easy to break

Mom is most at ease: glass and ceramics are the main tableware used by adults. They are environmentally friendly and have perfect technology.

Mother’s worry: it’s easy to break, it will hurt the baby.

Advice to Mom: glass and ceramics are really safe tableware. The biggest problem is fragile. In addition, we should pay attention to the ceramic tableware to buy underglaze color. The selection method is very simple, that is, the tableware with smooth surface and no sense of pattern. Of course, if it’s pure color, patternless and smooth surface ceramic tableware is better.

5. Wooden tableware can’t be painted if you want to buy it

Mom is most at ease: good heat preservation, more natural, more delicate and soft texture, not easy to hurt the baby.

Mother’s worry: not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria. Decorative paint is toxic.

Advice for Mom: buy Wooden or bamboo tableware. It’s better not to buy one with bright surface or paint. Because most of the tableware decorated with paint contains lead, long-term use is harmful to baby’s health, and it’s best to use natural made tableware.

Vi. good tableware with enamel tableware disappearing gradually

Mom is most at ease: good heat preservation, less harmful substances.

Mother’s worry: it is easy to deform after many times of wrestling, and the porcelain is easy to fall off and be eaten into the stomach by the baby. The production cost is high and the technology is tedious, so it is rarely seen.

Advice to Mom: Enamel tableware is very suitable for babies, but it can’t be used too long. It must be replaced for a period of time to prevent porcelain from falling and eating by mistake. Also be careful not to buy the ones with patterns on the inner wall.

Finally, we suggest that when buying cutlery, you should take your children with you, because the cutlery is for your children. If you let him choose his favorite cutlery (including shape, color, size, etc.), you will increase his interest in eating, especially attract him to eat, and you will use more cutlery you choose. If you have any questions about how to disinfect children’s tableware and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s tableware disinfection safety common sense column.