Bathing is an essential thing in everyone’s life. Especially for babies, when they play every day, their skin will be polluted by sweat, defecation, etc., so skin cleaning is very important. However, there are many misunderstandings about baby bathing, and mom should not neglect them.

Common mistakes of bathing children!

1. Put the baby directly under the tap for bathing

The faucet position in the health home is not very high. If you let your baby take a bath under the faucet, your mother will be very tired with her waist bent, and your baby’s head will be hit. At the same time, when the mother bathes her baby, she will accidentally touch the tap switch. If the mother accidentally touches the hot water stall and doesn’t pay attention to it, the baby may be scalded by the hot water at once.

2. Too much Shower Gel

It’s very difficult to wash the baby with too much bath gel. It also makes the baby very slippery. If the mother holds the baby after the bath, because the body is slippery, it means that the baby falls.

3. Walk away during the bath

When a mother bathes her baby, she often feels that she is just going out for a while. Sometimes she just answers the phone, or takes a towel or clothes. That is to say, the baby who grows up can drown or fall in the bathroom alone.

4. The hot water switch is installed too low

Mouse’s curiosity is very big, sometimes mom and Dad don’t let things move but to move. Therefore, there is a baby at home. The hot water switch in the toilet should be higher to prevent the baby from moving.

5. Heating water during bathing

The bath water, especially when it’s cold, is easy to get cold quickly. Many parents add water directly to the bathtub to save effort. In fact, it’s not right. The baby’s curiosity is great. If the baby’s hand reaches over when pouring water, an accident will happen. Or the heating water can’t know the water temperature in the basin at the same time, causing the baby to be scalded.

6. Wash the baby directly with the showerhead

Whether it’s a gas water heater or an electric water heater, it’s always cold water at the beginning of use. If the water heater in the home is not very good, the water temperature is easy to change from cold to hot. In this way, the baby is easy to catch cold or get scalded. So it’s better to use a tub to bathe your baby.

Learn the right way to bathe, so that the mother in the baby bath can be more secure, at ease. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!