&Network attack is a common problem in recent years, which can be divided into external attack and internal attack. But the computer attack way is various, we need to guard more

There are many ways of computer attack, we need to guard more!


This is an IP attack tool. Its working principle is to continuously send large ICMP packets to each other’s computers. At this time, the attacked machine will try to merge these packets, resulting in system crash.

2 teardrop attack

This attack mode uses the information contained in the header of the packets in any IP fragment implemented in the TCP / IP stack to realize its own attack. Because the IP fragment contains the information indicating which segment of the original packet is contained in the IP fragment, some TCP / IP protocols under the operating system will crash when receiving the forged segment with overlapping offset. The biggest feature of teddrop is that it can attack Windows 9x / NT, and even Linux can’t be spared.

3.OOB attack

This is done by using an OOB (out of band) vulnerability in NetBIOS. Its principle is to pass a packet to an open port of the computer (generally 137, 138 and 139) through TCP / IP protocol. When the computer receives the packet, it will crash or blue screen instantly. Without restarting the computer, it cannot continue to use TCP / IP protocol to access the network Collaterals.

4.DoS attack

This is a DOS (denial of service) attack against the ICMP Protocol used by Windows 9x. Generally speaking, this attack uses the vulnerability of the protocol installed on the other computer to send a large number of packets continuously, causing the other computer to crash.

5. WinNuke attack

At present, WinNuke series tools have developed from the initial simple choice of IP attack on a certain port to a computer that can attack an IP range, and can carry out continuous attacks, also can verify the effect of attacks, and can detect and select ports, so using it can cause all computers in an IP range to die on a blue screen.

&Nbsp; in summary, the sum of all programs and codes that pose a threat to computer security. There are many ways to spread it! Speed! Wide range! Endangering information security and high cost of prevention. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net