Summer vacation, parents are working, for children, in addition to watching TV, what else can have fun? But the television to the baby will damage the eye, affects the normal life and the study even the harm is far more than these. As a parent, we should learn to intervene properly. Good methods are indispensable. So, there is a TV loving “little ancestor” at home. What about parents?

Children obsessed with cartoons

After supper, Duoduo is still watching his biography of the seven heroes of the red cat and the blue rabbit. He ignores his parents’ repeated urging and insists on eating after watching or eating while watching.

Maybe many parents have encountered similar things, but they don’t know what to do. It’s not good for him to keep watching, but turn off the TV and he’ll cry. If your child is addicted to TV, don’t rush to scold, it will only arouse the child’s rebellious psychology, and it will be easier for the child to accept the transitional way.

Control the time of watching TV

It’s necessary to set rules. Only by setting rules for children, can they not let them do whatever they want and foster the bad habit of watching TV when they grow up.

For example, let children know how long they can watch TV when they finish what they do every day; they can’t watch TV when they eat; they can’t watch TV when they do their homework, etc. Once the rules are laid down, they must be maintained. Then you can make an appointment with your child and allow him to watch more useful programs on weekends and holidays. In addition, every time before you start watching TV, you should tell your child to abide by the agreement, how long you want to watch today, which is a program or an episode of a certain cartoon. Moreover, before the specified time comes, it’s better to give the child a proper reminder in advance to tell him that the time for watching TV is almost over, so as to give the child a psychological buffer period. Because the child’s eye development is not perfect, so the time for children to watch TV should not exceed 40 minutes at a time.

Distract the child

If the child doesn’t listen to the parents, the parents may as well take the method of diversion. Let him do what he likes best, such as playing with toys.

The new mother said that every time her child can’t be persuaded to move after watching TV, she will turn on the TV first and tell the child that the TV also needs to rest for a while, and then she will tell the content of watching TV to the child again and ask some questions. This can not only train children’s thinking ability and language expression ability, but also achieve the goal of not allowing children to watch TV for a long time.

Take more children to outdoor activities

In fact, many children are addicted to TV because they stay at home for a long time. Parents may as well take their children to take part in outdoor activities, which may help them get rid of the dependence on TV.

Xiaotong’s father said that his children used to like watching TV very much, but since he took more children to play outdoors, Xiaotong doesn’t like watching TV now, and wants to go out all day long. Therefore, parents should take their children to outdoor activities at ordinary times, and don’t let them stay at home, such as taking them for a walk near home after supper or taking them to the park to play, etc., which is not only conducive to the healthy growth of children, but also helps them get rid of the temptation of TV.

After reading this article, do you know that children love watching TV? What should parents do. Every child in childhood will show a variety of interests and talents need to be explored, parents should accompany their children more! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.