Nowadays, there are more and more opportunities for children to contact with the power supply. Children often have electric shock accidents due to playing with the power supply. In addition, in summer and autumn, the weather is hot and humid, with more wind and rain, and sometimes they will get electric shock due to touching the wires on the collapsed pole. So what are the first aid measures for children after electric shock?

Children’s symptoms after electric shock

In the process of emergency treatment, children should not be moved after accidental electric shock. If they really need to move, in addition to lying on a flat stretcher, they should continue to rescue. The interruption time should not exceed 30 seconds until they arrive at the hospital.

After electric shock, there are dizziness, pallor, palpitation, weakness of limbs, and even fainting. At this time, children’s mind is clear, breathing and heartbeat are regular. Parents should let children lie down and rest, and pay attention to observation. If the above symptoms disappear, no special treatment is needed. In severe cases, coma, tachycardia, respiratory center paralysis lead to respiratory arrest, and skin burn, coking, necrosis, etc.

If it is exposed to more than thousands of volts of high-voltage electricity or lightning, it may cause death. The cause of death is the high inhibition of brain (respiratory center of medulla oblongata), the inhibition of myocardium and ventricular fibrillation caused by electric current. High voltage, strong current, wet body surface, small resistance, easy to die. Dry body surface, high resistance, or current only from one limb or body surface may cause burns and not necessarily death.

First aid measures

Use non-conductive objects, such as dry sticks and sticks, to make the children get rid of the power supply as soon as possible. The first-aid workers must pay attention to the rescue methods to prevent their own electric shock.

When the child is disconnected from the power supply, according to the symptoms of the child, take corresponding measures for emergency treatment immediately.

Light disease: let the child lie on the ground, check the body carefully, do not let the child get up and walk temporarily, to prevent secondary shock or heart failure.

Severe: if the breathing stops and the heartbeat exists, the child should be placed on the spot, unbuttoned and given artificial respiration. You can also pinch the acupoints of Zhongren, Shixuan (ten finger tips), Yongquan, etc.

If the heart beat stops and breathing exists, external chest compression should be performed immediately.

If the breath and heart rate are all stopped, external chest compression should be carried out at the same time of artificial respiration. Artificial respiration and external chest compression should be carried out in the proportion of 1:5, that is, one time of artificial respiration and five times of cardiac compression. Rescue must be carried out to the end.

When dealing with electric injury, it is necessary to observe whether there are other injuries.

In the process of first aid, it is not suitable to move the child. If it is really necessary to move, in addition to lying on a flat stretcher, the child should continue to rescue. The interruption time should not exceed 30 seconds until arriving at the hospital.

This shows how important it is to give first aid to children in case of electric shock. Parents should collect these first aid knowledge of children in case of electric shock! If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.