Home is the most intensive place for baby’s activities, which can bring happiness to baby, but it may also bring harm to baby inadvertently, and baby’s health and safety affect the whole family’s heart, so baby’s home safety can not be ignored. Now Xiaobian takes you to learn three “killers” at home. Be careful to hurt your baby!

Killer 1: decoration materials

Hazard: decoration materials, especially coatings and adhesives, contain formaldehyde, benzene, radioactivity and other harmful substances, causing serious indoor pollution. Babies are particularly sensitive to these harmful substances, which can easily induce blood diseases and asthma. The survey shows that 90% of leukemia patients have been decorated in their homes within half a year.

[improvement method]

1. It’s better not to decorate the house or buy new furniture during pregnancy or when there is a baby at home.

2. Do not move in immediately after the house is redecorated or painted. The longer the ventilation is, the better it will be, so as to reduce the concentration of volatile substances and slow down the damage.

[warm reminder]

Mom always likes to decorate the baby’s room as a dream world, almost all of which are colored decoration. As we all know, the brighter the color is, the more harmful substances it contains, the more serious the lead pollution is, and the health “killer” is hidden behind the colorful.

Killer 2: Toys

Toys are baby’s little partners, which can improve baby’s intelligence. I believe that every baby has many toys.

Harm: plush toys are very cute, but they are polluted by dust and mites; lead is polluted when wooden toys are painted in various colors; radioactive substances are contained in brightly colored plastic toys.

[improvement method]

Pay attention to the choice of toys. Go to the regular store to buy toys with good quality and no pungent smell. Plush toys must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

[warm reminder]

Don’t be greedy for small things. You should know that choosing toys carefully is responsible for your baby’s health.

Killer 3: digital products

Harm: the problem of cell phone and computer radiation is a commonplace. It has a great harm to adults and babies.

When using mobile phones, the brain and mobile phones are very close. Brain tissue is exposed to microwave. When using mobile phones for a long time to a certain number of times and years, cells can mutate into cancer cells, which increases the risk of brain cancer.

Long term use of computer will lead to headache, burning eyes, nausea and vomiting, rash, face swelling, palpitation, heart rate disorder, weakness, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, abdominal contraction pain, tinnitus, memory loss and other phenomena.

[improvement method]

1. Do not put computers in the baby’s room.

2. When using a computer at home, ensure indoor ventilation, and fresh air will reduce radiation.

3. Use protective equipment against electromagnetic wave, such as radiation scarf, apron, radiation vest, etc. You can also use the computer screen

To reduce the radiation of electromagnetic wave.

4. Don’t buy mobile toys for your baby, and don’t let your baby talk on his mobile phone.

[warm reminder]

Expectant mother in pregnancy, please use less computer, computer radiation may affect the baby in the abdomen Oh!

Therefore, it is necessary for mom and dad to have a pair of eyes, find out the potential danger in advance, do a good job of prevention, ensure the safety of the baby at home, and let the baby grow up healthily and happily. What kind of good knowledge about children’s protective fence is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website