Every child is an angel sent by God, and is cared for wholeheartedly by his parents. For the healthy growth of children, parents also try their best to give their children the best, for fear of treating their children badly. When it comes to environmental protection, health and safety issues, although parents are very cautious, they are easily misled because they don’t know about the products. They can’t buy safe and healthy products and have great safety risks. For example, the quality will vary greatly with different materials and processes.

1. Toy floor

A lot of people like to lay laminated toy floors in children’s rooms. These colored floors are also a kind of decoration in the room. In addition to environmental protection, we should also pay attention to the pattern of laminated toy floors. We must not use piecemeal puzzles. Many small animal parts are especially small. Children are easy to pick small pieces and fill them in their mouths. It’s better to use one color pattern.

2. bubble puzzle

In addition, children’s rooms do not lay foam jigsaw puzzle, because it may cause the concentration of volatile organic compounds in indoor air to increase, which will cause a hidden danger to children’s health.

3. Natural stone floor

Natural stone materials should be avoided in floor decoration as far as possible, because natural stone materials have radioactive hazards, the immune function of infants is relatively fragile, and they are more vulnerable to radiation damage.

Experts suggest:

1. Solid wood floor is preferred

Babies in infancy are just beginning to toddler and are in close contact with the floor every day. The wooden floor is durable, antiskid and comfortable, suitable for children to play, learn to climb, etc. So when choosing, pay special attention to the material of the floor, whether it is comfortable, warm and antiskid.

2. Pay attention to carpet laying

The floor of children’s room should not use carpet, because it is not easy to clean, and easy to absorb dust mites in the dust, which is harmful to health. However, it should be noted that if environmental protection carpet is selected, it must be vacuumed and kept clean every day to prevent dirt on the carpet, otherwise it will cause respiratory diseases of children. In addition, pay attention to whether the original surface is too smooth before laying carpet. Too smooth carpet is easy to slide. Before laying the carpet, a lining (made of plastic) should be set on the hard surface, and the carpet edges around should be fixed.

3. Floor materials should be easy to clean

The floor materials of the baby room must be easy to clean and not have uneven patterns and joints, because any small things that fall into these concave joints accidentally can become a potential threat to children. At the same time, these concave and convex patterns and gaps are also easy to trip toddlers, so it is important to keep the floor smooth and flat.

In general, if the floor is a corner or floor seam that is not easy to clean, you can use the old toothbrush to directly touch the floor cleaner to brush the stubborn dirt that is difficult to clean. If you want to make the grindstone or Dali floor clean, but also have the shining effect of light, you can use the floor cleaner with wax formula, as long as it is allowed to dry after use.

Wooden floor should not be directly wiped with wet mop. Special cleaner for wooden floor should be used for cleaning to keep the original warm texture and natural primary color of the floor, and prevent the wood from cracking. If you want to avoid long-term treading and wear of the floor, always keep the luster and luster. After the floor is cleaned, you can apply a layer of wood floor wax maintenance agent.

The above is the three kinds of floors that can not be used in the children’s room introduced by Xiaobian, which should be carefully selected. I hope that every family children’s room is not only bright and full of children’s interest, but also environmental protection and health. If you have any questions about what kind of children’s protective fence is good and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of children’s protective fence of Baibai safety net.