Children’s childhood is so short, such a period of time is enough to cultivate a lot of good habits, but also enough to develop a lot of “smelly problems.”. For example, infatuation with watching TV. So what are the precautions for three-year-old children to watch TV?

What to pay attention to when baby watch TV

1. Not too close

This age group of children’s retina is in the state of development, a little inattention to the use of the eye is not correct and fatigue caused by myopia may appear in the baby. Myopia is easy to form and difficult to correct for the baby. Therefore, for the sake of the child’s eye health, the baby should not be too close when watching TV. Generally, the distance should be at least 3 meters to prevent myopia.

2. The time should not be too long

If you watch TV for too long, it will cause eye fatigue and myopia. Therefore, parents should take good care of the time when the baby watches TV, and try to do it in about 30 minutes or 20 minutes at a time. Children’s eyes are not tired, and they learn knowledge, so that they can get the most benefit from watching TV.

3. Do not sit carelessly

When children watch TV, leaning on the sofa or lying in bed is easy to cause damage to their eyesight, which may also lead to the deformation of the developing vertebrae. Therefore, when children watch TV, adults should emphasize sitting posture. It is suggested that parents prepare a small back chair for their children. The children sit in the chair and watch TV, with their back resting on the back of the chair, which is not easy to fatigue, and will not affect the spine due to incorrect sitting posture.

4. The volume should not be too large

The child’s hearing is not well developed. If the TV volume is too loud for a long time, it will affect the child’s hearing, causing damage to the eardrum and hearing loss. When watching TV, too dark indoor light will affect children’s vision and increase the risk of myopia. When children watch TV, the family should first adjust the volume of the TV, and ensure that the indoor light visibility is clear, so as to avoid unnecessary harm to children.

5. Content cannot be violent

The child’s heart is the snow lotus on the mountain, pure and flawless. The TV content for children must be healthy and beneficial. For those TV content that is too violent and vulgar, it will only pollute the children’s eyes and mind. Therefore, parents should check the TV content. It’s better to show children some classic cartoons and fables or fairy tales.

6. One mind cannot be used twice

While eating, watching TV, drawing, watching TV, writing and watching TV. In a word, children are not focused on one thing, but on two things. This kind of form will bring bad habits such as inattention and double mindedness to children, so don’t watch TV with one mind and two uses. Either watch TV first and then do other things, or do other things first and then watch TV. Parents should make arrangements in advance.

In short, three-year-old children watch TV, many precautions need to know! Parents have dessert! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!