From birth to adulthood, children need to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so parents also attach great importance to the layout of children’s rooms. But in real life, many parents often have many misunderstandings in the layout of children’s rooms. Don’t underestimate these details, they will have an impact on the health of the child’s life. Here’s a tip for you: Children’s room decoration errors!

Myth 1: the room is colorful and children are active

Xiao a is a second grade boy in primary school who has been described as “hands on and feet on”. Even his parents think that his child has ADHD.

After investigation, it was found that the cause of ADHD was little a’s little room full of toys with color jumping. Liu CE, a professor at the Institute of comprehensive environmental research, pointed out that living in bright colors and complicated decorations for a long time is easy to cause children’s restless psychology and hard to concentrate. When I first came to school, the layout of the classroom was too different from that of the small room at home, which made little a difficult to adapt to.

Because children’s room often combines the two functions of study and bedroom, its layout should also be mainly comfortable and practical, with soft color and no fussy decoration. In terms of toys, in addition to one or two of children’s favorite can be put out, the rest is best placed in a fixed toy cabinet. Children’s items should be placed regularly, which can help them form a good habit of being organized.

Error 2: it’s hard to concentrate the mind when the bed is close to the outer wall

In the survey, improper position of the bed has become the biggest problem, 47.06% of the beds are placed incorrectly. Some parents like to put their children’s bed against the outside wall, which is good for lighting and air circulation. In fact, the inside and outside facades of the street walls are often different in temperature and humidity. Children who sleep with one side of their body against the wall are likely to have rheumatism.

The child’s bed should be next to the wall of the other bedroom. The best direction for children to sleep is from head to Southeast and feet to northwest.

Error 3: the desk by the window is not the best

The window has a better lighting effect, so most people are willing to arrange their children’s desks by the window. In fact, too much light, often produce glare, easy to make children’s eyes fatigue. And some external windows with noisy external environment and poor scenery will also affect the concentration of children’s attention during learning. Therefore, the desk near the window is not necessarily the best place for writing and reading.

If the noise outside the window is large, double-layer glass or double-layer window can be considered to isolate the noise. Natural light is not necessarily the best lighting for the desk. The light of the desk should be concentrated from one side to the desk top. It is better to use lamps with adjustable brightness.

In a word, the children’s room with ingenious design should consider that children can readjust their furnishings at any time, and the spatial attribute should be multi-functional and changeable. We should avoid the above mistakes. What kind of good knowledge about children’s protective fence is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website!