Vacation is a time for reunion. Many parents think that buying gifts for new year’s eve money is the best gift. In fact, I want to say that children don’t need too much material things. What they need most is their parents’ company. Take your time out and give it to their children. Together with them, do what they want to do is the most precious gift. In this article, we recommend several films suitable for children to watch.

To children: the best movies for children to watch in winter vacation!

1. The wizard of Oz

The 1939 version of “Wizard of Oz” can’t be compared with the current 3D movies in terms of stunts or sound effects, but it is an eternal classic in children’s films. This version of “Wizard of Oz” has a real scene, sincere feelings and touching plot details, which is unforgettable for a long time. At the same time, this classic children’s song and dance film adapted from the fairy tale of the same name is also fascinating. With the help of fairies and people, she went to the Green Crystal City along the yellow brick road to find a way to go home. On the way, she met the scarecrow, the tin man and the timid lion. The scarecrow wants to find a magician for brains, the tin skinned man wants a heart, the Timid Lion wants courage, so they go together. Along the way, they overcame all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. Finally, everyone did what they wanted, and Dorothy returned to her simple but warm home.

The film is full of childlike innocence and vitality, magical and interesting fairy tale characters and happy singing and dancing scenes. It is a classic good film for children to watch, which is enjoyable and educational at the same time.

2. The parenttrap (1998)

If one day, you find that there is another you in the world, and there is another bigger secret behind it, what will you do? The parenttrap tells such a strange but tender story. In the film, Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan plays two roles, Holly. Parker and Anne. James, these two girls with different personalities are surprisingly similar. They met at the summer camp, but found that their life was full of incredible surprises. The opposite side was just another self in the world!

The twin sisters are strangers to each other because of their parents’ early divorce. They live in two places: Holly is outgoing, free-minded, lives in Southern California with her father, manages vineyards and makes wine; Annie is gentle and sweet. She lives a high-class life in London with her mother. Her mother designs wedding dresses, and Annie is as quiet as a princess Zhuang, who speaks fluent French, knows the rules of the upper class. However, life is full of miracles. These two sisters, who live in different places and should not have met, play tricks on each other in the summer camp. They first repel each other, but finally find each other to be their twin sisters. But after discovering the big secret, the two weird fairy girls made a bolder decision – they wanted to exchange identities and make their parents happy again! The experience is rather tortuous, but the final outcome is happy, warm and touching, the parents finally come together, and the lovely twin sisters are no longer separated.

The film is full of interest. The two sisters exchange identities and make a lot of jokes. The funny plots emerge in endlessly, and the film is also interspersed with warm emotions, which makes the audience feel warm and happy in the film. This kind of movie must be the children’s favorite!

3. The sound of music

The voice of music is a movie full of love – love for the country, love for family, love for lovers, love for music, love for justice. This film with the theme of love will bring the purest and most sincere love education to children. The great principle of patriotism and love for family is seamlessly integrated into the film, which is conveyed to children in a simple image way, so that children can learn the basic principles of life and work from the movie story full of interest. From this perspective, the voice of music is the first choice film for children’s education. At the same time, “the voice of music” or many children’s initial music enlightenment lessons, whether it is the light and lovely rhythm of “dolaimi”, “lonely shepherd” or Youyang’s graceful “Edelweiss”, “the voice of music”, are well known. These familiar melodies constitute the memories of children’s childhood and make people feel warm.

What’s more, the film is full of optimism from the beginning to the end, which will affect children’s attitude towards difficulties, especially the ending of the film, making people full of yearning and hope. Although the story takes the war as the background and one of the families wants to flee abroad, the tone is not dark, and they do not give up hope at the worst time – even if life is dark, as long as there is music, love and family, they can smile. There is night in this world, but there must be dawn. As long as there is faith and love, there will always be miracles in life.

4. Happy Wonka & Chocolate Factory

Although the new version of Charlie and the chocolate factory in 2005 has more modern colors, the 1971 old version of will Wonka & the chocolate factory has its own unique charm. Maybe the old movie is too simple, but it can bring sincere feeling to people. Deep and in place performance, rich in life philosophy story, full of educational significance but with interest, “happy candy house” is not only a children’s film, it is a textbook for enlightening life.

5. Charlotte’s Web (2006)

Friendship is one of the most beautiful emotions in the world, American writer E.B. White’s fairy tale “Charlotte’s Web” brings us such a beautiful story. The touching and sincere friendship between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider purifies all people’s hearts – for their own friends, they spend their last bit of energy to wait for their friends at the last moment of life, I believe it is so sincere Our emotional memory will also accompany our children’s healthy growth. This fairy tale, which has touched countless hearts, is still making immortal legends on the big screen. The fiery response after the 2006 version of Charlotte’s network was released is the best proof. However, the theme of this beautiful fairy tale is not limited to friendship. It is rich in philosophy of life. In simple and easy to understand stories, it hides answers to life and death, attitude and significance of life and other basic questions of life.

Just like Xiao Mao, the translator of Charlotte’s net, summed up, “Charlotte’s net just wrote a story that happened in a year. The four seasons of the farm are like the four stages of life: sadness and joy are all in it, and the color is light. It changes with the opening and closing of the plot. Finally, the bustle and bustle end. Tragedy and comedy have passed, leaving only a plain and endless life. “It brings us endless thinking and moving, telling the truth of life with simple stories, just like the New York Times. Book review comments on it: “this is a book about friendship, but also a book about love and protection, adventure and miracle, life and death, trust and betrayal, happiness and pain. It’s almost a perfect, incredible masterpiece. “I believe that the children who go out of the cinema will not only remember a sad story, but also have more profound feelings about their lives.

6. Et ET (E.T.: the extraterrestrial)

Et et et not only constructs a beautiful fairy tale for children, but also gives adults the opportunity to reflect on themselves and regain childlike innocence. Et is the eternal beauty on the big screen. It lets people see the innocence of the world and believe that love is unimpeded. No matter how different we are, as long as we have a heart, everything starts to shine. Even with aliens, there are sincere friendships. The little alien et left on the earth by his companion carelessly and the kind-hearted little boy Elliott on the earth, though unable to communicate with each other in language, are telepathic: when et is sad, Elliott becomes melancholy; when et is sick, Elliott is also uncomfortable. The two lonely children met each other and never were lonely again. However, children’s fairy tales are always disturbed by adults, who stubbornly believe that ET is a monster and want to test it. But when Elliott and other children try their best to finally save et, et should go home. Good friends will be separated eventually, and there will always be a time to say goodbye to each other.

I often think that if there is no happiness in the world, there will be no pain without happiness as a contrast. But I will soon regret – if there is no happiness in the world, there will be no pain, but there will be no good memories. Although et went back to extraterrestrial, we still have good memories in our hearts. At least every time we look up and see the moon, we seem to see the flying bicycle, we seem to see the lovely expression of ET, and we all seem to hear et muttering: “E.T., phonehome.”.

7. Back to the future

Don’t underestimate this 1985 old movie! I bet you’ll be fascinated by the first back to the future! Time machine stories are quite common, but back to the future contains humor and adventure in addition to science fiction, which is unforgettable. At the same time, in the process of production, the film focuses on the details, thinking about the children everywhere, trying to become a good film for children to watch. Director Robert. Robert Zemeckis once wanted to make the time machine into the shape of a refrigerator, but finally gave up because he was afraid that children would shut themselves in the refrigerator after watching the movie. With such a serious and responsible director, a good plot full of imaginative space, humorous details full of fun, and a warm and interesting atmosphere, how can a good movie like “back to the future” not be seen by children?

8. Spiritedaway

Hayao Miyazaki’s animation is most suitable for children to watch. There is always a profound truth behind the beautiful story. Hayao Miyazaki has a unique view on film production: “we live in a society of entertainment. Excessive entertainment has weakened children’s perception and talent creativity. Our movie creation is to stimulate the numb consciousness and awaken the sleeping creativity. I believe that a carefully made movie will be a good object for children to learn. “However, Hayao Miyazaki did not preach dryly. In a touching and thought-provoking story, the children grew up gradually to understand the profound philosophy of life. This is the most brilliant place of Hayao Miyazaki’s works. Thousand and one thousand is the best example.

“A thousand and a thousand” tells a strange experience of a ten-year-old Japanese girl. The plot is endless, but the meaning Miyazaki wants to express through the movie is complex and profound. He said: “I deliberately shape Chihiro into an ordinary character. I want every ten-year-old girl to see herself from Chihiro. She is not a beautiful and attractive person, and her cowardly character and listless manner are even more annoying. But when facing difficulties, she can gradually release her potential and overcome difficulties. This story is also reminiscent of the real society, a young girl into a large institution to work. In the face of unfamiliar environment and indifferent personnel, the girl should make great efforts to explore her inner potential and overcome all kinds of challenges before establishing a foothold. “Such an inspirational theme is really a treasure for the growing children.

9. Little woman

Little women, a famous American literary work, tells the story of four sisters with different personalities. In the story, children can feel life, think about life, and the story of warmth is always fascinating, which is the infinite charm of classic literature.

10. Babe

“Baby Piggy” is a warm movie for the whole family to watch. Everyone can enjoy the movie. The story tells that the piglet tries to change his fate after finding out that he will be killed to make food. He learns the skill of shepherding from the shepherd’s mother. He not only becomes an excellent “shepherd piglet”, but also wins the shepherd competition. Piggy not only saved his own life, but also successfully captured everyone’s heart. Although the plot is quite simple, the lovely baby pig in the movie is really popular, and its courage to face the challenges is also really touching. This kind, persistent and lovely pig will bring infinite fun to children.

11. Shrek

Shrek, DreamWorks’s box office masterpiece, is a subversive cartoon. In a nutshell, Shrek is basically a story of saving beauty by a hero. But Shrek, as a hero, is an ugly monster. At the same time, the princess, as a beauty, is also ugly. At the end of the film, when everyone is expecting them to be beautiful, it ends like this. The children who must go out of the cinema must remember not only an interesting story and unexpected ending, but also happiness. Ugly or beautiful appearance is really not the decisive factor in life. As long as there is a good heart, beauty and happiness will naturally come into being.

12. The supernatural

Pixar’s cartoons are always novel and likeable, such as “the supernatural” is a super good movie. The most special purpose of this film is to teach children: ordinary people can do great things, similarly, Superman also has its own troubles. The image of Superman in people’s mind is always omnipotent and invincible, but in fact, Superman’s life is full of troubles. The superman who has passed the middle age has to face the boss’s reprimand and bear the life of a family of five people. He usually wants to help people, but he is hindered by many obstacles. Even when the world needs to be saved by himself, he also has endless troubles – the growing fat Superman has already failed to wear the Superman’s clothes! However, there is always a way. With the help of family members, justice has finally overcome evil. What’s more touching is that love endows Superman children with infinite superpowers, and it is the superpowers born of love that ultimately protect the Superman family. There are many things we can’t do in this world, but as long as there is love, there is hope, and there will be miracles in life.

13. The iron giant

Although the iron giant was made in 1999, it still seems to be moving and tearful. Every time we see this movie, we are always deeply moved by the friendship between the iron giant and the little boy, and feel the sincere heart of the cold iron giant. This film will let the children know that beauty is rare, cherish friendship and youth more.

14. Star Wars

Star Wars, the most successful film series in the history of American film, has left indelible memories to countless audiences. The Star Wars series, which has been produced for decades, has successfully captured the hearts of every generation. Up to now, it is still a popular movie in the cinema. I believe that today’s children can also find their own flash point.

15. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The trilogy of the Lord of the rings is like an epic about friendship, faith, courage, responsibility, trust and love. Although some of the contents of Lord of the rings may be too violent for children, in general, Lord of the rings is still a good movie for children to watch. The magnificent narration of the film is infatuated. If you see one, you can’t stop looking for the complete works. At the same time, the film always transfers the profound philosophy of life to the audience. The painful growth of the hero Frodo, the earnest instruction of Gandalf, the white robed master, the heroic and good fighting of Aragon, and the profound friendship of the ring protectors are all excellent materials for teaching children the truth of being human.

For example, when Frodo received the mission of destroying the ring, he kept complaining: “why should I solve such a big problem? “Gandalf said philosophically:” sometimes we hope that the troubles in life will never come, but since things happen, the responsibility falls on us. The first thing we think about is how to solve the problem. We should learn to bear the responsibility bravely. “For children, such vivid perception will affect their life and their attitude towards people and things.

16. The Princess Bride

“Princess Bride” impresses people with its excellent production and eye-catching performance. The plot of the film is very classic. It’s still a hero saving the beauty and everyone is happy. It’s very suitable for watching in the festival and taking a holiday for yourself. At the same time, it is worth mentioning the soundtrack of this fantasy movie. The music of the movie has the color of fairy tales and dreams. The orchestral music is light and beautiful, and the classical guitar is light and elegant, sending out the humanistic atmosphere. It’s better to review the classic stories with your children during the holiday!

17. The Lion King

“Lion King” is the peak of Disney animation. It was popular at the box office when it was released. It won many Oscars in that year, even now it is still loved by people. The success of “Lion King” is attributed to its profound theme. The theme of this film can be said to be the animated version of “Hamlet” and “little deer Bambi”. It tells the story of how Simba, the little lion, grew up from a difficult situation to a responsible and courageous lion king, interspersed with sincere friendship and touching love. At the same time, “Lion King” also conveys the optimistic and upward life attitude to the audience. No matter how hard life is, as long as there is hope in the heart, there will be opportunities for everything. From this point of view, “Lion King” is not just a movie, it moves everyone’s heart, integrates into our life, and becomes a part of our memory. When we are in the most difficult and desperate time, there will always be a familiar melody echoing in our ears – HAKUNAMATATA (let us be carefree).

18. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban is Harry. One of the most tender films in the Potter series, because in this one, the magic world appears in a tender attitude close to the world. Harry met his godfather, Sirius, and he really felt the love of his family. Even though the time he spent with Sirius was so short, it was the short-term affection that gave Harry an unimaginable magic power, making his magic instant incredibly powerful. It’s because of love that miracles happen. Harry. Porter and prisoner of Azkaban for the first time describes the warm side of the magic world positively. It turns out that in the magic world, there are not only terrible black magic, but also worldly kinship. At the same time, in this book, each character is very real and vivid. Whether it’s the kind and amiable Dumbledore or the approachable Professor Lupin, everyone’s performance is very close to reality, which makes people feel more cordial.

19. Home alone

The little ghost is a movie that is very suitable for all the children to watch together, especially in the carefree holiday. Such a warm and comedy movie is really a good seasoning for life, a good movie to relax and create a warm family atmosphere. The plot of the film is compact, and the climax of the plot is repeated. There are many unexpected witty scenes, which are really intriguing. At the same time, the love between the family shown in “little ghost in charge” is sincere and touching, which makes people laugh and cry at the same time. For children, “little ghost in charge of the family” may bring them some thinking space, let them re-examine their lives.

20. To kill a Mockingbird

This is a 1962 black-and-white movie. Although for children, black-and-white movies are far less interesting than color movies, as a great movie work, “kill a Mockingbird” is very worthy of children’s watching, especially when children are still developing their own outlook on life and values, correct guidance is extremely important. From this perspective, The rich educational significance of “kill a Mockingbird” is just its biggest highlight. From the perspective of a child, the film tells the story of a small town in the southern United States in the 1960s, when there was still serious racial discrimination between whites and blacks. Grigory peck, a famous movie actor, plays Atticus Finch, a lawyer who does justice for black people regardless of his personal safety. At the same time, as a great father, Finch’s words, deeds and meticulous education of children are impressive.

This movie is like a spiritual baptism for everyone who watches it. It gives us a deeper understanding of the basic social concepts such as race and class, and makes people think about racial equality and social equity again. At the same time, they always remember finch’s teaching – don’t kill the robins singing for human beings, because they are kind and never hurt people.

What children need most is the time with their parents. Maybe an animation or movie can bring unexpected joy to children. In this holiday, put off some unnecessary meals and spend more time with children to watch a meaningful movie! If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.