TV has become an indisputable fact in children’s life. Many children are addicted to TV. When they meet such children, parents often get very tangled. They don’t want to let their children indulge in electronic devices, and they don’t want their children’s emotions to be provoked. What can parents do? To deal with the bear children who love watching TV, a father will share his experience with you.

Parent: Mr. Ge, 38

Son: star, 10 years old

Key words of parenting: control the time of watching TV, form a good habit of reading books and newspapers

“It’s impossible not to watch TV, but it must be moderate.” Mr. Ge mentioned his son’s TV watching, with a serious face. My son Xing likes watching TV very much since he was a child. In order to watch TV, he has to rush to do his homework as soon as he comes home from school. In a hurry, he will inevitably make mistakes.

Mr. Ge was also worried that he wanted to watch TV and do his homework. Later, after discussing with his family, Mr. Ge and Xing signed a “gentleman’s agreement”. First of all, every day to ensure that the stars watch TV time; at the same time, choose the right time to watch the right program. For example, you can watch a little animation, and at the same time, you can mainly watch some cultural and technological programs, such as the introduction of local customs, wonderful animal world, and the infinite space universe. By watching these programs, you can expand your vision.

“In order to pull the stars away from the TV, I racked my brains and finally successfully led the stars’ interest in TV to reading.” “I ordered a lot of children’s pictorials and other newspapers for him, and specially made a small newspaper folder with him to let him learn how to keep and collect newspapers by himself,” Mr. Ge said In this way, stars are very proud of “having their own newspaper”. Now, after dinner every day, stars read their own newspapers.

This dad’s suggestion is still good, I hope you can learn from and adopt you! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.