According to the survey, 60% of children’s injuries occur at home, and the seemingly safe and comfortable home environment actually contains many dangers. Come from the inspection bar, look at these most common and easy to ignore the hidden dangers of home safety.

10 kinds of household dangerous goods

I. easily cut dangerous goods

1. Sharp tools with sharp edges

Kitchen knife, fruit knife, scissors, nail clippers, razors, screwdrivers, awls, sewing needles, toothpicks and other sharp edged tools, mother should remember to put them in the place where the baby can’t touch them, otherwise, they will be played by the baby who is not sensible, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

Tips: after using the knives, you should collect them immediately. Usually, you should also tell your baby that these things can’t be used as toys, and often tell them the danger of these sharp tools.

2. Glassware and porcelain

Tea sets, tableware, vases, etc. made of glass or ceramics are fragile. If the baby plays with these things and accidentally touches or breaks them, the very sharp edge of the fragments will easily cut the baby’s skin. In addition, the tiny pieces bursting out when breaking may hurt the baby’s eyes, so we have to prevent them!

Tips: fragile items such as glassware and porcelain should be put out of the baby’s reach. When finding out that the baby is holding these items in his hand, he should take them back in time. The bowls for babies are best made of wood.

II. Dangerous goods easy to burn

1. Match and lighter

Be careful when your baby is carrying a match or lighting a lighter! Because it is very easy for your baby to be scalded, and even worse, it may cause a fire and burn the property in your home. If it is a poor lighter, it may also cause an explosion, with unimaginable consequences.

Tips: usually give more emphasis on the harm of playing with fire to your baby, and implant a sense of danger in your baby’s heart.

2. Hot water bottle, hot food

The baby likes to run and move after learning to walk. At this time, the mother should pay special attention to the location of hot water bottles and hot rice soup. If the baby accidentally touches the hot water bottle, or grasps and turns the dishes with hot rice and hot soup, the hot objects in it may burn the baby’s delicate skin.

Tips: it’s better to put the thermos bottle in the cabinet above the kitchen. Never put it on the ground. Do not lay tablecloth on the table and tea table at home to prevent scalding accident caused by pulling of the baby. When feeding the baby, it is also necessary to prevent the baby from grabbing the hot food on the table.

III. caution of dangerous goods

1. Toys, all kinds of small things

The baby loves to chew the toy with his mouth, which is very dangerous, because if he is not careful, he may swallow the parts of the toy into the mouth, and the dirty things and fluff on the toy are easy to cause poisoning or damage to the digestive tract; in addition, all kinds of small things at home, such as buttons, coins, pen caps, small rubbers and other small things, should be placed well, if the baby swallows the entrance by mistake, it is easy to get stuck in the throat or into the trachea by mistake , causing suffocation.

Tips: all kinds of toys should be cleaned and kept clean in time, especially fluffy toys. Adults and babies should clean up the harm of biting toys. All kinds of small things in the home should also be kept well, and should not be thrown casually.

2. Nuts, candy and other foods

Be careful when giving your baby melon seeds, peanuts, soybeans, raisins, jellies, sweets and other foods, which are not safe for your baby. Because the baby’s esophagus and trachea are very narrow, the chewing function is not perfect, and the throat protection function is not perfect, so when eating these foods, it is easy to block the throat and esophagus, if inhaled into the trachea, it may also lead to suffocation.

Tips: it’s better not to give this kind of food to your baby. If you find that your baby is eating this kind of food, you can’t let him eat it while running or laughing at it.

3. Drugs and various chemicals

Commonly used medicines, detergents, cleaners, toiletries, and even cosmetics used by mothers, such as lipsticks, perfumes and cleansing cream, are likely to be poisoned. If some chemicals are found on the skin and eyes, they may damage the skin and mucous membranes.

Tips: this kind of goods must be put where the baby can’t touch them. In addition, some expired cosmetics, used detergents, etc. should be disposed of in time.

IV. other household dangerous goods

1, rope

If the baby is holding a string, plastic rope, hemp rope, electric wire, etc., the parents should pay attention to it carefully! Because these items are wrapped around the fingers or toes, which may cause limb ischemia and necrosis. If they are wrapped around the neck, they may also cause suffocation.

Tips: take good care of all the ropes at home. When you find that the baby is playing with the ropes, you should explain the hazards to him and collect them in time.

2. Chopsticks and spoons

Chopsticks and spoons are commonly used tools for eating. Normally, they are not dangerous. However, if the baby walks or runs with them in his mouth, it is very dangerous! Because if the baby stumbles accidentally, these articles are easy to hurt the oral mucosa, gums and even the throat.

Tips: parents must take good care of these items. They can’t let the baby run or play while holding them. If any, they must stop it in time.

3. Cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets

Sometimes pets are baby’s good friends, sometimes they may put baby in danger. When the baby and these pets hug them, they may be scratched or bitten, and they may also be infected with rabies.

Tips: don’t let the baby be alone with these pets. Don’t let the baby play with the pets to prevent the pets from being irritated and biting.

It’s very important for children’s safety. Parents should come to learn the relevant science knowledge about the preparation of the chivalry and protect their babies. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!