With the advent of the electronic age, children’s eyes stay on the “screen” for more and more time. Recently, there are even 2-year-old children in the hospital of Ophthalmology who often play mobile phones and watch computer cartoons, resulting in more than 100 cases of myopia. So how to guide children to learn computer correctly?

Children’s multi university computer is suitable

Early childhood education experts believe that children before the age of 3 are better off not touching computers, they need to know the real world more. And by the age of three and a half, you can give your child proper access to the computer. At this time, the vast majority of children can use the mouse, children are often curious about the computer, some educational games and learning software, can greatly stimulate the baby’s interest in learning. A study in the United States found that preschool children exposed to computers three to four times a week will improve their pre-school ability preparation, cognitive ability and motor skills development, and improve their ability to recognize numbers or characters.

Systematic and formal computer education, such as operating system learning, is recommended to start from the first grade of primary school.

How to guide children to learn computer

1. Software selection is the most critical

Choosing the right educational software for your child is critical. At present, the more advanced view of children’s computer education in foreign countries is that children’s subconscious should be fully mobilized by means of audio-visual combination, free choice, role-playing and relaxation of incentives, so as to improve learning efficiency and achieve the purpose of entertaining and fast learning. Parents should choose different educational software according to their children’s age and acceptance ability.

2. Correct learning methods

With good educational software, we should have correct learning methods. Children’s information literacy education should fully consider the individual differences and physical and mental changes of children. When children learn computer, they should pay attention to their children’s development level. There is no need to compare with other children. It’s no harm to let children learn computer earlier, but it’s a little bit helpful to ask them to learn complicated instructions and understand boring programs too early.


1. Protect vision

Every 10 minutes, let the children have a rest, look out of the window, do eye exercises at least twice a day, and eat more food beneficial to vision, such as fish, eggs, animal liver, green vegetables, etc. When choosing a computer, you should consider choosing LCD or flat panel display.

2. Time limit

Children’s self-control is generally poor. When they touch the computer, it’s easy to be “happy without thinking about Shu”, and it’s hard to extricate themselves from the game.

May wish to limit a few time periods every day, not more than half an hour, do not play big games, otherwise the child is very difficult to escape, vision will also be affected. If possible, parents may as well play games with their children, which can not only eliminate possible negative effects, but also help children control time, which is also a rare time for parent-child interaction.

3. Healthy Internet access

When children are in close contact with computers, they need to “touch the net”. To be safe, they can first set a power on password for the computer, and then install a special green browser. They not only meet the needs of children’s cartoon, but also shield the content of “children are not suitable” on the Internet.

Thus, to prevent children from indulging in the computer screen, parents should give correct guidance, which can not only prevent children from being hurt by the computer, but also help children learn from the computer. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.