When it comes to TV, many parents must have feelings. Their children are also deeply affected by TV. If it’s impossible to prevent children from watching TV at all, please follow these taboos!

What are the taboos for children to watch TV?

I. avoid too long time

Children are in a period of rapid physical and mental development. Watching TV for a long time every day is easy to cause fatigue of their nervous system and body, affect the healthy development of their body and mind, and affect the normal progress of other activities such as learning.

It is better for preschool children to watch TV within 40 minutes every day.

II. Avoid too dark light

When watching TV, the indoor light is too dark, which will affect the development of children’s visual function, and also easily lead to myopia. When you watch TV with your child at night, do not turn off all the lights. Install a small red light behind the TV to protect your eyesight.

III. avoid improper sitting posture

When children watch TV, they sit askew, such as leaning on the quilt and lying in their parents’ arms, which is easy to deform and bend their children’s unformed spine and form bad sitting habits.

IV. avoid excessive volume

When preschoolers watch TV for a long time, under the stimulation of high volume, it is not only easy to reduce the sense of hearing, form bad hearing habits, but also easy to lead to the decline of the sense of vision. On the contrary, using a relatively small volume can greatly promote the development of children’s hearing, vision and attention.

V. avoid too close

Preschoolers like to sit in front when they watch TV. In this way, under the long-term stimulation of the strong light emitted by the screen, children’s eyes are not only easy to reduce the visual acuity and adaptability of children, but also easy to cause the reduction of the ciliary muscle regulation function of the eye, the lens gradually becomes convex, leading to myopia. Generally speaking, when watching TV, it is advisable to place the child’s seat 2.5-4 meters away from the TV.

Children’s world is colorful. Don’t leave the word “TV” in their childhood. Parents should pay attention to more guidance! If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.