The baby’s main activity area is at home, so it is important to maintain a safe living environment. With the growth of children, the perspective of things is not the same. Find out the places and things that are easy for babies to touch and play with, and set up safety locks and protective measures, so as to prevent babies from getting them and accidents. Therefore, to protect the safety of your baby’s home, you need to keep these protection points in mind!

Burns -——

Burn and scald are the enemy of children’s accidental injury, which has become the third major cause of accidental death for children aged 1-3 years after traffic accidents and drowning.

Every summer and summer, the major hospitals burn Kobe Bryant usually admitted 5-6 times more small burn patients. Children who just sit and walk around the age of one have poor self-protection ability, strong curiosity, and adults who don’t pay attention to it are prone to burn and scald. Especially in the summer when children have a large amount of activities and less clothes, the skin exposure increases the severity of scald, leaving scars and other sequelae, even life-threatening.

Children often have scalding accidents at home. Children break into the kitchen, fall into or touch the hot pot placed at a low place, and accidentally touch the surrounding of the stove. Children pull the tablecloth, turn over the container with boiling water. When adults leave to take towels and other items, children standing beside the bathtub suddenly fall into hot water. The water dispenser at home is placed too low, and children touch the switch by mistake Boiled water to the inside; strong household cleaners, such as decontaminants, alkaline water, etc., are eaten by children or splashed on the skin.

Protection points

The kitchen is the busiest activity area in the family. Hot soup and hot food are all over the stove, sink, refrigerator and adjacent table, which is also the most dangerous place for the active children. Adding protective fence to kitchen is the safest and most worry free way.

Install safety guard board for the stove.

Purchase guidance

Place of purchase: IKEA’s stove safety guard is currently on sale, and the sale of safety guard is suspended.

Key words of online shopping: search for “safety fence”, pay attention to size and installation method when purchasing.

Poisoning, suffocation -——

Children take sleeping pills, cod liver oil, calcium tablets, adult drugs and other things often happen. Some parents are used to putting detergents and pesticides in ordinary mineral water bottles, which is easy for children to drink by mistake. In addition, poisonous plants and contaminated food can cause acute poisoning in children. Unintentional inhalation of foreign bodies by children is also a common accidental injury. If coins, buttons, small toys are swallowed into the esophagus, throat, trachea or nasal cavity, it may cause suffocation or damage to brain function.

Protection points

Add child locks to drawers and cabinets that are easily accessible to children at home.

Remind children not to put themselves in the big wardrobe, big box to play, or they will suffocate.

Purchase guidance

Place of purchase: IKEA has children’s drawer lock for sale.

Key words of online shopping: Search “children’s lock”, you can find more types of cabinet door locks, double door locks, refrigerator locks, wardrobe locks, microwave oven locks, etc., and pay attention to the convenience of parents when purchasing.

Falling injury -——

Falls and bruises are the most frequent accidents of children at home. Children who are almost as high as the angle of the table at home are easy to touch the edge of the furniture and get head broken. Putting a soft safety coat on the furniture at home can greatly reduce the risk of baby bruises.

Protection points

Install children’s safety protection angle or overall wrap crash strip for furniture. The corner must be used in strict accordance with the instructions in the manual, and it shall be tightly adhered with the furniture to prevent it from being easily removed by the children.

All kinds of safety door stops can effectively prevent children’s hands from being hurt by the door in play.

For families with stairs or steps, anti slip strips can be installed at the stairs to prevent the elderly and children from slipping and falling.

Purchase guidance

Place of purchase: IKEA, Trinity and other furniture stores have children’s anti-collision corner sales and door stop sales. Parents need to pay special attention to the safety of anti-collision angle and anti-collision strip materials, because children in these places can easily contact, and children who are not sensible may use their teeth to bite. They need to choose safe and non-toxic products made of environmental protection materials.

Before, Xiaobian had seen the news that children were in danger when they got into the washing machine. It was really frightening to watch it. Xiaobian reminded parents to take care of their children more carefully in life and to avoid similar risks. If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.