During the winter vacation, what is more interesting than watching cartoons one after another at home? What? Go out and play? Don’t be kidding. It’s so cold. The baby’s body is very precious. However, watching TV does a lot of harm. What should our parents do?

You can let your baby watch TV properly, but you should control the time

Many mothers have worried about Yueyue’s mother. They are worried that the children’s eyesight will be affected if they watch for a long time.

In this regard, Lin Yi, an expert in early childhood education, believes that there is no clear limit for children to watch TV when they are a few years old. The key is to control the time. For children before the age of three, the time to watch TV at a time should be controlled within ten minutes, a day and a half hours is enough. Older children can relax a little bit. In addition, pay attention to the distance of watching TV. There is a formula for calculating the best viewing distance: multiply the screen size (inches) by a factor of 0.1, and the value in meters is the best viewing distance. For example, the best viewing distance of 17 inch TV is: 17 × 0.1 = 1.7m, and so on.

Children who rely too much on TV may have autism

TV can bring a lot of information to children, but its disadvantages can not be ignored. First of all, it is not conducive to the development of baby’s vision. Second, television can’t make children think. Studies have shown that brain waves emitted during sleep are similar to those emitted by watching TV. Third, if children especially rely on TV, it will have an impact on other aspects of children’s development, such as social interaction ability, because the transmission mode of TV is one-way, not interactive. One study suggests that children who rely too much on television may be autistic.

Parents can’t give their children to the TV

Some parents have a kind of “liberation” mentality when they see their children attracted by TV. That’s a bad idea. When children are young, they rely more on the game of interaction between parents and other caregivers. In the interaction, parents can observe their children’s needs, and then adjust their own ways at any time according to their children’s needs and reactions in the interaction, which will promote the development of children in all aspects. But TV can’t do it. It can’t change with children’s interest.

Including some educational electronic products, many parents rely on these products. It is undeniable that they are beneficial to children’s growth, but if they rely on them too much, it will bring many problems.

It’s more important to contact books first

Many children play computer, watch TV and play mobile phone after school. They just don’t like reading books. Their obsession with electronic products is far better than their interest in books. The reason for this situation is that it has a lot to do with children’s exposure to TV media when they are young. If children first contact with electronic products rather than books when they are young, their interest in books will be very general later. Therefore, it is suggested that parents should lead their children’s interests to books and outdoor activities when they are young.

Don’t watch violent cartoons

Cartoon is the favorite TV program for baby, but not all cartoons are suitable for baby. Nowadays, many cartoons have violent tendency. Children don’t have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. If they watch more cartoons, they will imitate them. Parents are suggested to choose some warm and intelligent cartoons for their children.

If the children watch such cartoons, the parents must give positive and positive guidance, tell the children how to deal with such situations, and let the children realize that they can’t deal with the small partners in real life.

Children enjoy playing with their parents the most

Children watching TV need parents to guide, and guidance is skilled, parents can not demand children. In fact, children’s attention is very easy to be diverted. Parents can divert their attention through the games they like to play. Parents need to spend more time with their children and have more interaction with them. For children, any game is not as good as playing with them. They will enjoy the time with them. Many children like watching TV because they want to appease themselves in this way. They are bored. If parents spend more time with their children, their dependence on TV will naturally decrease.

In short, to reduce the harm of children watching TV, we should start from controlling time! But parents should keep in mind that it is not mandatory to control time step by step, otherwise it will backfire. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.