With the development of society, parents seem to realize the importance of children’s quality education. Many competent families will let their children learn one or two instruments when they are young. The piano is the most popular instrument for children’s enlightenment. Therefore, to train children to learn piano, we should seize the best golden time. So how old is the best age for children to learn piano?

The best time for children to learn piano

In the world of music, piano is a very popular instrument, known as the “king of musical instruments”.

From the point of view of human physiological condition, intellectual development and learning environment, piano is the most suitable instrument for learning from an early age. Most of the world’s famous piano masters began to learn piano from their childhood.

For example, Mozart, known as the prodigy, can learn piano at the age of 3 and hold a solo concert at the age of 4; Beethoven, known as the “musician”, can learn piano at the age of 5 and perform on stage at the age of 6; Piano Masters Chopin, Liszt and musical giants Schubert and Schumann all start to learn steel piano at the age of 6. It can be seen that the best age to start learning piano is 5 years old.

The structure of the piano is different from that of the accordion and the electronic organ. The keys of the accordion and the electronic organ belong to the touch mode, and they can produce sound with a light press of the fingers. However, it takes about 30 grams of force to play each tone of the piano (the force required in the bass area is greater). If the children are too young to learn the piano, they will not be able to meet this force requirement. This is not only a bad way to learn how to play the piano, but also a good way to play the piano A long room will also damage the normal development of the child’s fingers. By the age of 5, the child’s cortical cells have roughly differentiated, the central nervous system is more mature, and the muscle development is more perfect, which provides good physiological conditions for learning piano.

During the period of 5-6 years old, children usually spend their time in a relaxing kindergarten. During this period, there was no heavy homework in the kindergarten, so there was enough time to practice the piano after returning home. It’s very difficult and tedious to learn the piano at first. We should not only know the music, but also pay attention to the requirements of the teacher. If this difficult and tedious period of primary school is put in primary school, it will cause psychological pressure to children because of the heavy burden. Over time, they will be polarized, or tired of school work, or afraid of piano learning.

After 1-2 years of study, children have a certain interest in the piano, but also have a certain foundation. At this time, even if the tension of school life is added, the focus of children’s learning will not shift. On the contrary, playing a relaxed and happy tune can also adjust the tense learning atmosphere in the school. This is good for children’s intelligence development and sentiment cultivation.

The above is the best age for children to learn piano. I hope that parents can seize the golden age of their baby and cultivate his artistic talent. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!