Many parents know that children often watch TV harm, for example, excessive watching TV, will bring a certain impact on children’s eyes and psychology. Too long time to watch TV, children are prone to myopia and so on. However, do you know that TV programs are too fast, which is the “culprit” of children’s attention deficit? Let’s have a look!

Children’s attention deficit is easily caused by fast TV rhythm

There are cooking shows in the grocery store. The baby turns his head and stares at the chef on the screen like an owl to make crab patties. TV can be said to be everywhere, except in people’s homes, TV screens can be seen on the road, on airplanes, cars and restaurants. Studies have shown that three quarters of children under the age of two can watch TV and watch a lot of TV.

TV programs are too fast or can cause children’s inattention

Nicholas Christakis, a sociologist and pediatrician at Yale University, said in Ted talk in 2011 that “we are changing today’s children’s childhood with unprecedented technology.” In his speech, he pointed to a segment of “Little Einstein” – seven scenes changed in 20 seconds. The adults were confused and the children were even confused.

Christakis found that if the screen switching interval of TV is less than three seconds, such as fast-paced entertainment programs or TV programs with violent content, it will increase the possibility of children’s inattention in the future. However, there is no such risk in watching slow-paced educational programs. But the problem of many educational programs is that they are full of too much information and switch frequently.

Watching too much TV slows down brain development. Kids don’t understand human emotions

In addition, watching too many fast-paced TV programs will slow down children’s brain development, which will cause them to spend more time to understand emotions. In one study, children were asked not to touch any modern technology products for five days. As a result, researchers found that their ability to understand human emotions was much better than that of children who regularly played with cell phones, TV, computers.

Programs with plots and slow rhythms of heroes can improve children’s vocabulary

Other researchers think what’s on TV is more important to children’s development than screen switching time. A study in early August assessed the effectiveness of children watching different TV programs. Researchers at the University of Iowa’s children’s media lab report that certain types of TV programs can increase children’s vocabulary and language skills.

In this way, we still try to let the children watch some slow pictures, and the action scenes are not particularly intense TV programs, so as to avoid causing children’s attention deficit. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.