When it comes to bathing in winter, my baby would rather cry than wash. My mother is both hard and soft. It’s a real struggle. Let’s talk about the common sense that my father and mother must read: bathing for my baby in winter!

Tips for bathing your baby in winter

I. be sure to have all the articles ready for bathing, drying and dressing at hand.

2. Put on the waterproof apron to prevent your clothes from getting wet, but also spread a large and soft towel on your thigh and a towel on your chest, so that you will feel warm and comfortable when you hug the baby after the bath.

3. A very small baby can’t regulate his body temperature well, so try to reduce the time when he is naked.

4. The baby bath solution added to water is better than soap.

5. Older babies can make towels into hooded ones: they will feel safer and more comfortable. If you warm this towel on the electric heater first, it will make others feel like this.

6. It’s better to put only about 10 cm deep water in each bath before you are used to bathing your baby.

Never use baby powder. With this kind of powder, it is easy to dry the baby’s skin, and it will agglomerate in the folds of the skin, causing inflammation and rash.

Do you think it’s not so hard to bathe your baby after reading this article? As long as you are attentive, your baby is not afraid of cold and cold when bathing in winter! If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!