In the era of electronic information, electronic products are everywhere. On the one hand, electronic products have brought convenience to our life, but on the other hand, they have made people far away from each other. It seems to have become the norm of our generation that one husband and one wife use a computer to surf the Internet, and the children play games with their iPads or mobile phones. However, this has affected the children invisibly. What should parents do?

Parents should not refuse or rely on electronic products

The first thing Taotao, a six-year-old, did when he went home from kindergarten was to open his father’s iPad to play games. If his mother didn’t stop him, he would play all the time. After supper, he would watch two episodes of the cartoon “the cubs”. It was agreed in advance. Sometimes his mother was really upset, but he would allow him to watch one more episode. She was worried about Taotao’s “close contact” with the iPad every day His eyesight will be affected. Sometimes he is not happy to let him go downstairs and play with the children for a while. In fact, not only Taotao, many children aged three or four or even younger are obsessed with electronic products. They can skillfully use their little hands to find their favorite games, which makes mothers worry a lot. Some mothers will prohibit children from contacting electronic products, but often with little effect.

In the face of these powerful electronic products, parents have a very contradictory mentality. On the one hand, they are very dependent on these electronic products and admit that they play a certain role in educating children. On the other hand, they are worried that early contact with them will be harmful to children’s growth. For this phenomenon, Cui Huafang, senior tutor of family education in China, believes that electronic products are inevitable to be used in today’s society, and many electronic products can make up for the lack of parents’ knowledge and methods of parenting due to their novel design. Therefore, it is obviously not realistic to refuse to use them blindly, and excessive prohibition will lead to children There is forbidden fruit effect, so we are more obsessed with electronic products. For electronic products, parents should adhere to the attitude of “no rejection, no dependence”, learn to treat electronic products correctly, take advantage of its advantages, and try to avoid some side effects it brings.

Do not touch electronic products before 2 years old

Children should not touch electronic products before the age of 2, because their eyesight is not fully developed, and the strong light on the computer screen will damage their eyesight. Although tablet computers are equipped with brightness adjustment function, it is designed according to adult standards, which is the same as a virtual design for children. After 2 years old, watch 10 minutes of teaching video every day, but strictly control the time. After 3 years old, the time of watching electronic products should not exceed half an hour every day. Before the age of 3, it is an important period for the development of children’s body movements. If the child sits in front of the computer for a long time or does not move in a certain position, it will affect the physical development of the baby.

Parents should screen the electronic products their children use

First of all, electronic products for children must be screened. Choose those excellent teaching videos, so that children can access more information and knowledge in their spare time. It is recommended that parents use more audio and less video. It is better not to let young children touch game electronic products in advance.

Second, to let children use electronic products does not mean that children are completely handed over to electronic products. The teaching mode of electronic products is generally passive indoctrination. For children, what they need most is active thinking. Therefore, parents should learn to use electronic products to stimulate their children’s thinking. In this process, it is very important for parents to accompany their children to use electronic products together, such as accompanying their children to read characters, listening to the sounds played by various musical instruments, drawing with their children, etc. it is recommended that parents not download too many games, but only keep one or two educational games. Parents can also guide their children to introduce the game into real life. Many babies like to play “cut fruit”. Parents can take this opportunity to teach their children how to cut real fruit, let their children experience the difference between the game and real life, and master the actual life skills.

Finally, we should pay attention to children’s outdoor sports and interpersonal skills. After all, children are the product of society. No matter how powerful electronic products are, children will eventually have to deal with people in society. Experts suggest that parents should give their children more real world experience before they let their children contact with electronic products. Children aged 0-5 are building up their understanding of the natural world. If they contact with electronic products too much in this period, they will reduce their chances to interact with the natural world. Therefore, it is very important to take more children to participate in outdoor sports and help them develop their social interaction ability.

The only way to prevent the poisoning of electronic products in children is for parents to first abandon the way of life of house men and house women, and not suffer from the poisoning of electronic products. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!