Every family has this dangerous hidden danger. Every day, children can meet it In summer vacation, they have enough time to contact, especially when adults are not at home Once contacted, it is not death but injury. So what are the treatment measures and prognosis of children’s electric shock?

First, treatment

First, remove the child from the power supply as soon as possible. Turn off the power supply and leave the switch. Use a dry stick or bamboo pole to pull the wires on the child and push the child away from the power supply site. The rescuer cannot directly push or pull the child with his hand.

If you have stopped breathing after you leave the power supply, you should take mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration immediately. For the children who have been in coma, cardiac arrest and pupil expansion, you should also actively rescue them. Because of the strong stimulation of electric current after electric shock, the phenomenon of “pseudo death” often occurs. Therefore, external chest compression can not be interrupted, and at the same time, it is urgently sent to the hospital for resuscitation treatment.

After admission, endotracheal intubation, artificial respiration and positive pressure oxygen inhalation should be performed. Under the monitoring of ECG, when the external chest compression is invalid, the chest should be opened immediately and the heart should be directly massaged until the child recovers the heartbeat breathing.

Other treatments include: Administration of central stimulants such as lobeline and nicothamide, correction of acid-base imbalance of water and electrolyte, alkalization of urine, application of hypertonic diuretics, maintenance of normal blood pressure, prevention of infection with a large number of broad-spectrum antibiotics, and prevention of tetanus with antitoxic serum. It has been proved in practice that after the heart is effectively compressed and the ischemia of the heart is corrected, the injection of epinephrine into the heart can enhance the cardiac tension and excitability of the stopped heart, stimulate the cardiac pacing, may make the cardiac fibrillation disappear automatically or create favorable conditions for defibrillation, expand the coronary blood vessels to improve the cardiac blood circulation, and can achieve good results in the rescue of the patients with cardiac arrest after electric shock.

Local wound treatment: after cardiopulmonary resuscitation, carefully check the wound after the condition is stable, estimate the possible depth and scope, clear the necrotic tissue as soon as possible, which can reduce the absorption of toxin, relieve the clinical toxic symptoms, and eliminate the focus of concurrent infection. Because the lesions of electric burn are progressive, multiple debridements should be performed repeatedly, and it is not expected that 1-2 debridements can be completed The necrotic tissue was cleaned thoroughly, and then the wound was covered with various methods to promote healing.

Amputation should be considered as early as possible when the affected limb cannot be preserved due to tissue necrosis or serious infection. In order to recover the blood supply of the affected limb, fasciotomy and decompression should be performed immediately. The bleeding of large blood vessels usually occurs about 2 weeks after injury. It is often buried in necrotic tissue during dressing change, and the damaged blood vessels suddenly rupture. Therefore, the dressing change should be careful, sedative for children, strive for cooperation, and make full mental and material preparation (such as tourniquet, gauze, elastic bandage) to strive for initiative. If the large blood vessels with bleeding signs are found, the anatomical relationship and peripheral tissue can be used Deal with health status as soon as possible.

Two. Prognosis

Ventricular fibrillation and inhibition of central nervous system are the main causes of shock death in children. Severe complications affect the prognosis.

The above is the treatment of children’s electric shock, paying attention to the education of safe use of electricity, and showing children the education videos of various kinds of electric shock safety, electric shock accidents or the home safety knowledge of children’s home electric shock prevention videos. Tell the older children not to climb the pole or fly kites where there are wires. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.