Electric shock is a common accidental injury in daily life. In light cases, numbness and pain, dizziness, rapid breathing and heartbeat will occur. In serious cases, burns, cardiac arrest and even death will occur. When a child has an electric shock, he should be rescued immediately. Time is life. Here’s a brief introduction to the trilogy of emergency treatment for children’s accidental electric shock.

“Trilogy” of emergency treatment for children’s accidental electric shock

(1) disconnect the power supply. Cut off the power supply immediately, and use non-conductive objects (such as dry wood uncovering, bamboo pole) to jump off the electric wire or pull up the electric face of the electric person in the cabin. If the method is to pull a wire by hand, and the power switch cannot be found for a while, the rope or clothes that can be used are twisted into a strip, which is sheathed on the child to pull the power supply; or the twister stands on the board, one hand is wrapped with a dry cloth or rubber, and the other hand is placed behind the wire. The rescuer shall not push or pull the electric shock with his / her hand, nor use the conductive object to pull the electric wire. If the child is kicking in the liquid, do not step in. U shall prevent his / her own electric shock, causing no rescue.

(2) after the child leaves the battery, he / she should immediately check his / her breath and heart rate, and carry out mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and external cardiac compression on the child whose breath and heart rate have stopped, so as not to give up the rescue.

(3) at the same time of on-site rescue, call a teaching and nursing car as soon as possible and send the child to the hospital for further emergency treatment. The change of the diseased vessel should be closely observed during transportation. If necessary, mouth to mouth artificial respiration and external chest pressure should be continued.

Children are young, ignorant and curious. They often play with electrical switches and sockets and cause electrical injuries. There are also cases where the electric wire breaks down after a rainstorm or a big U. children pick up the electric wire on the ground and play with it. The damage of electric current to human body is mainly manifested in local burns and systemic reactions. The human body’s medullary electricity causes the muscle to contract strongly immediately, causes the body to fall down and get rid of the power supply, and may also connect the medullary power supply more tightly. If the contact voltage is low and the inductance is small, temporary dizziness, palpitation, thinking, fear, pallor, stupor, fainting and muscle rigidity contraction may occur. If the contact voltage is high, the current is strong, and the time is long, then coma, blood pressure drop, arrhythmia, and even respiratory and cardiac arrest may occur, which is called electric shock. There was electric burn in the area of electric shock, the wound was deep, yellow and white, even the muscle and bone were completely burned, and ulcer and necrosis occurred several days later.

In addition, remind the rescuers to carry out rescue under the condition of ensuring safety, do not give up rescue easily, and stick to the arrival of medical staff at the scene. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.