Some babies will sleep on the wrong side of their heads, which causes problems in their heads. Many parents are worried about this. Then, turn over frequently and sleep on the good heads. Mums should take a look at it quickly, and let the editor of Baibai safety net know about it with you!

The aesthetic of the previous generation thought that the head flat is the beauty, the head flat can prove that the baby sleeps well. But the modern mother can’t accept the fact that when she pricks a ball, she looks like a cake with many bumps on it. She can’t bear to look at it directly. Whether the back of the head is flat or round seems harmless, but if you want your child to have a beautiful side curve, your daughter can have a lovely full ponytail, you still need to correct it. So, if the baby’s head shape is not right or not careful sleep flat how to do?

Correction within six months of birth

The baby’s head becomes sharp and long after the birth canal is squeezed, but it will become round after a few days. After that, the head shape has something to do with the sleeping posture. The baby’s skull is not completely ossified and has a strong plasticity. If he lies on his back, the back of his head will become flat. If he does not change his posture, the baby will not turn over himself The body and soft skull have been under the pressure of the weight of the whole head for a long time, and the normal radian will be flattened. As the baby grows up, when the bone calcifies, it becomes a flattened head. It’s too late to correct at this time, so it’s necessary to correct within 6 months. During this time, the baby’s head is the softest and the most shapeable.

Turn over frequently and shape a good head

Babies sleep a long time every day when they are young, and can reach 20 hours a day in a month. Hurry up to seize this golden time to help babies shape a good head. Because the baby is relatively small and can’t turn over, it needs the help of family members to turn over alternately. It’s better to put a quilt on the back to fix the position, so as to prevent the baby from turning back to the flat lying position. In this way, the curve and contour of the head will become very beautiful when sleeping on the side alternately.

If it is found that one side of the baby is more obvious, it may be because the baby is habitually looking to one side, it may be looking at toys, it may also be looking at the scenery outside the window, so observe the baby’s habits more, change the sleeping position and decoration position appropriately, so that the baby can sleep in a different direction.

Choose head type orthotics

At present, the market sells head type orthotics, the more common type of pillow is to sew a circle in the inner liner, so that the baby’s head is in the groove when sleeping, but turning over will be very troublesome, so parents are still required to help turn over the baby. If conditions permit, you can also buy more expensive and better quality orthotics.

If you want to have a beautiful side curve, especially a full ponytail for girls, you still need parents to adjust their children’s sleeping posture. Attentive parents will always make their children have a bright future. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.