When it comes to watching TV, I believe that many parents of baobab have said about their children’s hobbies. What they often teach is: “watching TV for a long time is bad for your eyesight”, “Why are you still watching TV? Tomorrow is a good time to go to school, go to bed soon.” I don’t know that the harm of watching TV for a long time is far more than that. TV is so harmful, how to let children know how to watch TV?

How to let children watch TV to know that enough is enough

In fact, children are addicted to watching TV, which is very common nowadays. According to the survey of some authoritative departments, nearly 90% of primary school students love to “stick” to TV, and they can’t watch it forever. No matter what adults say or advise, it won’t help.

We all know that it’s good for children’s growth to watch TV properly, but if they watch too much, it’s not good. Watching too much TV is not only bad for children’s eyes, but also for their physical, mental and mental abilities. Therefore, experts suggest that children under the age of 3 should not be allowed to watch TV for a long time. As for older children, it is recommended that they only watch high-quality programs for no more than 2 hours a day.

So, how to make children watch TV more? How to let children watch TV to know enough? Parents can try the following methods:

One is to make three rules and make “rules” with children before watching TV. All things have degrees, and all things are excessive. This “degree” actually refers to the rules. Rules exist in all aspects of life. Even when children watch TV, they should also talk about rules. Before children watch TV, make rules with them first, so as to reduce the chance of disputes and cheating.

For example, discuss with your child on weekends what programs you can watch next week, including the time and times of watching. This is not only conducive to children’s choice when watching TV, but also conducive to the cultivation of children’s self-control ability, so that they know that if they watch TV for a certain time and number of times, they should control it and watch it later.

Second, pay attention to details and keep children away from TV. Children watching TV is a kind of “play” supplement. Sometimes TV is like a toy. When a toy is not in front of them, children may not remember to play with it and may be attracted by other toys. In the same way, when TV programs do not always appear in front of children, the temptation of TV may not be so great. Therefore, in order to reduce the time of watching TV, parents should also grasp the degree of watching TV.

What we should also pay attention to is that do not put the TV in the children’s room. Many people will have more than one TV set in their homes, so that different members of the family can get what they need. But if you also put a TV in the children’s room, it will only alienate the children from other members of the family and affect their study and sleep.

Third, we should get closer to our children and not use the TV as a nanny. In real life, many young parents often leave their children to TV because they are busy at work and have no time to accompany them. In this way, there is no other advantage than to make children more addicted to TV programs. There are many ways to get close to children. For example, you can ask children to share some housework, let children prepare dinner together with themselves, clean the room, etc. Over time, you’ll find that you’re getting closer to your children.

To control the time of children’s contact with TV, watching TV will do more harm to children than exhausted and irritable parents! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!