TV is an important means and way to transmit knowledge and information. As soon as you turn on the TV, you can see it at a glance for five thousand years, tens of thousands of miles, astronomy, geography, human history. So sometimes some TV programs are good for children.

“TV sketch” is helpful to the development of children’s image memory!

I said to the children, “buying TV at home is specially for you to learn painting. It is to improve your painting ability through TV.” We call this kind of training method “TV sketch”, that is to say, through the rich and colorful scenes, various characters, collecting materials, training modeling ability, and cultivating the ability of observation and memory of images.

There are often excellent repertoires of Beijing Opera and local opera in TV programs. I ask them to sketch dramatic characters every day. Beijing Opera and local opera have a long history and tradition, forming a strict artistic self-discipline and a stylized performance. Their actions and props have distinct virtual characteristics: riding a horse with only one whip; riding a car with only two flags instead; opening the door to the house, rocking a boat and riding a car, crying and laughing, etc., which are different from people and things in real life, with high artistry; character actions , a hand, a foot, sleeves, the show are very beautiful

Every time I watch Beijing opera, I introduce it in detail according to the repertoire. The children gradually fell in love with the drama and drew a lot of sketches. There were combinations of characters, vivid close-ups and martial arts. After hundreds of observations, sketches and experiences of Beijing opera art, they have an intuitive feeling and expression of stylized art, and thus their paintings are imbued with a strong decorative nature of traditional national art.

There are many TV programs, not all of which are for children to draw. We should choose subjects with specific training purposes and suitable for children to draw. After the sketch of drama, we turn to a new field, that is animal world. The program has a strong appeal to children. Bu dysprosium and bu Hua each have a special sketch of the original animals, which has become the most valuable “first-hand information” when they create animal images.

At the beginning of painting, the action in the TV picture is fast, they often can’t draw down. I told them, “you should look carefully, grasp the characteristics, and then draw. When this action is over, draw the next one.” So Bu dysprosium and his sister drew carefully. If you draw a lot, you will be proficient.

Now Bu dysprosium can grasp the different characteristics of various animals and sketch them with a few simple strokes. When Bu Hua began to draw, the birds and animals were round and fat, standing still. Sometimes she couldn’t draw it down, and the camera passed in a flash, which made her scream; sometimes she glanced at her brother’s painting, and then continued to draw, but he just pretended not to see it. But her sister’s paintings have a natural decorative interest. Her small animals are particularly cute, and sometimes her brother can’t match them. As soon as Dad praised her, she closed her mouth and pretended not to be happy, but her heart was happy.

In recent years, bu dysprosium and bu Hua have drawn several sketches of animals alone, and the images of these animals are also stored in their brains.

At the age of 11, bu dysprosium drew a long scroll of “Jinghuayuan”. There is such a plot: Tang Ao and others sailed to Dongkou mountain and saw the battle between Phoenix and babbler. He was able to draw dozens of imaginary birds with different images and postures, each of which has its own modality and is vivid and unusual.

In the Desert Museum painted by Bu Hua, there are many beasts that are not seen in zoos – sloths, big anteaters, anteater bears, etc., which are also from this program.

CCTV’s “all over the world” program is also a favorite of our family. Every time the broadcast starts, the whole family will sit in front of the TV set, and let it take us to the deserts of Africa, the jungles of South America, the pyramids of Egypt, the Colosseum of ancient Rome, the temple of patnon, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Buddha of Angkor, the beautiful Alps, the vast and desolate Alaska At this time, the children will always open the sketch book, read and draw, write down what they feel the deepest, observe the world through this magical window, and record the world.

He also painted many such TV memory paintings, such as bridges between the East and the West – Turkey, snow capped Swiss mountains, church towering Indian cities, Mexico, Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic Science brought him the convenience of learning, which made him travel around the world in his childhood, recording the world and childlike innocence.

Therefore, it is not that TV is useless. We should make good use of the advantages of TV to help children grow up healthily. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.